March 2020

Cover Story

Trend | Innovation and Disruption

Walmart's plans to test narrow networks selected on quality could set stage for a shift in employer-sponsored insurance

Walmart plans a ground-breaking test of narrow networks for its employee health plan that will test both enrollee acceptance and physician cooperation.


Case Study | Cost Effectiveness of Health

How Orlando Health stemmed healthcare costs by eliminating unnecessary clinical process variation

An initiative to eliminate unnecessary variation in care processes for six diagnostic groupings enabled Orlando Health to significantly reduce its average length of stay for the diagnoses while realizing a substantial reduction in cost.

Article | Consumerism

HFMA’s Consumerism Maturity Model provides an opportunity for healthcare organizations to assess their consumer readiness and improve their patient-friendly practices

Provider organizations can assess and improve their consumerism readiness using HFMA’s Consumerism Maturity Model.

How To | Denials Management

Coding denials: Creating an effective appeal strategy

Distinguishing coding denials from clinical validation denials is an ongoing challenge, and a good place to review processes.

Article | Revenue Cycle

St. Luke’s Health System decides to allow carefully monitored, specific-payer access to its EHR after buy-in from all internal stakeholders

Idaho-based St. Luke’s Health System is allowing payers to access patient records directly through their EHR.

Trend | Risk Management

Advice from a hacker: How to safeguard medical devices from cyberattacks

The vulnerability of many medical devices to cyberattacks presents a serious safety concern for hospitals and health systems.


Column | Financial Leadership

Healthcare finance professionals: Are you ready for the big wave of consumerism and transparency?

Healthcare organizations should avoid going into "protection mode" and actively respond to pressures from government, the private sector and patients to better serve patients while reducing costs of care.

Column | Healthcare Reform

Supreme Court's decision to wait to hear ACA challenge benefits Republicans

Democrats appear to have a strong advantage over Republicans in having gained public trust regarding healthcare policy, so it may be in Republication's interest to steer clear of discussions of healthcare in the time leading up to the November 2020 election.

Column | Strategic Planning

The 5 keys leaders need to transform their organization's culture

More than simply updating office decorations or rewriting a mission statement, transforming a company's culture requires addressing deep-seated assumptions.

Column | Innovation and Disruption

Don't allow risk aversion to get in the way of innovation

Failure to act can be failure to innovate. 

Column | Consumerism

The first step toward improving price transparency and the patient financial experience

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer offers advice on where to begin improving the financial experience for consumers.


Column | Staff Development

HFMA exceeds 50,000 members for first time in its history

The announcement comes fewer than two years after launching an Enterprise membership program, which has grown to 91 organizations with employees in all 50 states.

Column | Staff Development

HFMA Leadership Training Conference veterans Benway and Sabal emphasize career advancement and networking

HFMA Leadership Training Conference veterans share why they find value in going to the event: from networking and connecting to learning and career development. Find out why hundreds of members attend LTC each year.

Column | Staff Development

In memory of HFMA National Board member Herman Guenther

HFMA regrets to inform members of Herman Guenther’s passing. He was a lifetime member, held multiple awards and honors and served on the National Board of Directors. Plus, career updates from others in the industry.


Article | Innovation and Disruption

Optum360 helps providers and payers work together to resolve revenue cycle problems

Optum360 illustrates how it is driving change across healthcare by empowering and engaging staff to be creative in solving payer and provider challenges and viewing the revenue cycle more holistically.

Research & Reports | Consumerism

HFMA and CareCredit conduct survey on consumer-centric strategies being used to drive patient-centric healthcare

Consumerism emerged as a top concern among healthcare executives in a survey conducted jointly by HFMA and CareCredit.

Business Profile | Healthcare Business Trends

Targeting deteriorating margins to preserve mission delivery

A tips-focused article about maintaining tight margin control to ensure an organization can successfully deliver on its mission statement. Includes lessons learned from a recent HFMA Strategic CFO Council meeting.