Column | Financial Leadership

New National Chair envisions brighter future for the healthcare finance industry

Column | Financial Leadership

New National Chair envisions brighter future for the healthcare finance industry


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Tammie L. Jackson

We each have those events in our lives that forever serve as a filter for the before and after.

Individually, that may be a marriage, the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one or the moment we got that dream job. As a society, we share the filters of World War II, the assassination of JFK, 9/11 — and now 2020. Everything from this point forward will be viewed through a lens of “before” or “after.” But what does this mean for our industry, our society and our association?

Our industry, still dealing with a global pandemic, has been forced to quickly assess problems, improvise solutions, plan, execute, then repeat. 

As finance professionals, we have acted boldly and forged a brighter path forward for our organizations, our communities and our employees. Our work is not done, however, and lessons remain to be learned. I believe the resiliency we have demonstrated these past many months assures us that we are strong. And I believe we can be even better. 

Our society — which is in the throes of extreme divisiveness and social injustice such as many of us have never seen — has been forced to confront those thoughts, perspectives and norms that, while usually unspoken, are well understood and conceded. We have begun to boldly engage in uncomfortable conversations, acknowledge uncomfortable truths and make bold commitments to change — to be better. Our willingness to continue the hard work validates that we are resilient. 

And even our beloved HFMA, 75 years old and grappling with a landscape shifting beneath its feet, continues to challenge its own norms and delivery models. We boldly embarked on a journey to do better and change how we respond to our members’ needs. Our courage to challenge much of what is dear to us at HFMA, and certainly what is comfortable for us, means we are resolute. 

Our circumstances and the future also look brighter. For all of these reasons, I have chosen a theme that pays homage to our journey while also serving as a North Star for who and what we can be: Bolder. Brighter. Better. 

I am beyond humbled to serve as your National Chair this year at this most pivotal time. Over these next 12 months, let’s begin to answer what follows the after. With a bright outlook, let’s determine what better looks like for our organizations, for our communities and for HFMA. 

On all fronts, I’ve seen it. We are bolder. We are brighter. And we can be better than before.

So now, what about you? What does your better look like?

About the Author

Tammie L. Jackson, FHFMA, MHA, CHFP,

is a Vice President with TransUnion Healthcare and 2021-22 National Chair of HFMA.


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