Summer 2021

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Article | Leadership

Ready for the moment: After her historic appointment as HFMA Chair, Tammie Jackson is eager to get to work on key healthcare issues

As the healthcare industry and the world at large increasingly focus on issues of social justice, Tammie Jackson on June 1 becomes the first Black person to serve as Chair in HFMA’s 75-year history.


How To | Cost Effectiveness of Health

Why benchmarks should not be the sole guide for setting physician compensation

Healthcare organizations that rely on survey benchmark data alone when setting physician compensation may be risking budgets and relationships with physicians, especially in times of great uncertainty. Instead, they should adopt an approach more tailored to their unique circumstances

How To | Leadership

Physicians and finance: Managing the differences is critical to building clinical value

To work together effectively, finance and clinical leaders must not only understand but also value and acknowledge the benefits to be gained from their different perspectives on what constitutes success.

Article | Leadership

Pilot and Trinity Health COO Ben Carter offers leadership lessons for turbulent times

Ben Carter, FHFMA, CPA, COO of Trinity Health, offers advice for healthcare finance and operations leaders based on his experience as a pilot and flight instructor, which helped him make the transition from CFO to COO even in the midst of the emerging COVID-19 pandemic.


Column | Financial Leadership

New National Chair envisions brighter future for the healthcare finance industry

Tammie L. Jackson, a VP with TransUnion Healthcare, is HFMA's 2021-22 National Chair. She envisions a brighter future for the healthcare finance industry.

Column | Healthcare Business Trends

The 2021 outlook for hospitals: Reviews are mixed despite the large number of people already vaccinated in the United States

Most industry voices are predicting 2021 will be a financially challenging year for U.S. hospitals. But the outlook for some hospitals actually may be positive.

Column | Leadership

Think beyond ‘compliance’: Why leaders should work to implement a culture of ethics

By linking rules and regulations to principles and purpose, organizations can gain the trust of their employees and the public and establish a reputation for integrity.

Column | Strategic Partnerships Mergers and Acquisitions

New milestones in healthcare’s evolution signal the need for a new look at integrated delivery systems

Given the waves of change that have swept over healthcare in recent years, it’s time to step back and think again about integration – and how to optimize care and maximize its impact.

Column | Service Line Management

The understated value and potential of the clinical laboratory

Healthcare finance leaders need to rethink the value of the clinical laboratory in terms of revenue potential.

Column | Healthcare Reform

Hypersensitivities only serve to suppress honest equity conversations

The racial equity conversation needs to be had in this country, and even with hypersensitivity around the topic, HFMA’s Community DEI group is now having the conversation.


Column | Healthcare Reform

HFMA, Boise State launch innovative Master in Population and Health Systems Management degree

The Healthcare Financial Management Association and Boise State University are launching the Master’s in Population and Health Systems Management degree in August.

News | Financial Leadership

Iowa Chapter hosts its first hybrid event

Iowa HFMA program chairs share how they planned and hosted the Chapter’s first hybrid post-pandemic event, providing attendees the option to attend either in person or virtually.

News | Medicare Payment and Reimbursement

News briefs: In a win for hospitals, CMS removes a rate-reporting requirement from the Medicare FY22 IPPS

Recent healthcare finance and policy news included the release of the proposed rule for the FY22 Inpatient Prospective Payment System.

Article | Accounting and Financial Reporting

It's not just about hospitals anymore: HFMA expands its focus to all of healthcare

A momentous year in the history of HFMA was 1982, when the Association changed its name and broadened its focus from the hospital Financial Management Association to the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Former HFMA National Chair Phyllis Cowling receives healthcare administration award

Phyllis Cowling receives Earl M. Collier Award for Distinguished Health Care Administration. Jennifer Bertrand, Gregg Garrison and Sophia Holder are new CFOs.


Article | Medicare Payment and Reimbursement

TransUnion’s Transfer DRG solution simplifies the underpayment process

One company reviews how its SaaS solution can simplify identifying transfer DRG underpayments for hospitals.

Business Profile | Medicare Payment and Reimbursement

USA Senior Care Network provides hospitals with incremental patient volume and increased revenue

One company’s senior director explains how hospitals or health systems can grow their market share without risk of bad debt when joining this company’s network.

Article | Financial Counseling

TruBridge’s RCM Product Suite helps healthcare organizations find solutions to poor revenue cycle performance

Learn how one company specializes in helping healthcare organizations of all sizes diagnose the root cause of poor revenue cycle performance and then make improvements.

Research & Reports | Cost Reduction

Why success in cost reduction is a matter of trust

According to a survey, healthcare organizations that discuss cost reduction with clinicians more often are better prepared to achieve cost-reduction goals. Find out what approaches can restore trust for a better bottom line in this research report.

Business Profile | Partnerships and Value

Canon Medical Systems: Trusted healthcare adviser status sets company apart

As a healthcare organization leader, are you interested in working with an imaging solutions partner? See how service, financing and education play a part in selecting the right vendor.