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Kuchka-Craig and Crowell honored with 2022 Morgan Award

Column | Leadership

Kuchka-Craig and Crowell honored with 2022 Morgan Award

HFMA’s highest individual honor — the Frederick C. Morgan Award for Individual Achievement — is awarded annually to a member who has made outstanding contributions to the Association over the course of a career. Due to the pandemic, however, the award was not presented in either 2020 or 2021. So it was extra special, when two Morgan Awards were presented during HFMA’s 2022 Annual Conference in Denver.


Image of Debi Kuchka-Craig

Debi Kuchka-Craig

Debi Kuchka-Craig, FHFMA, has nearly 30 years of healthcare industry experience. Currently the senior vice president of managed care for MedStar Health in Columbia, Maryland, she is responsible for the development and execution of third-party payer strategy.

An HFMA member since 1993, Kuchka-Craig has been active in the Maryland Chapter: speaking at educational events, mentoring fellow members and serving in many other roles and offices, including that of Chapter President. At the national level, she has served HFMA in a wide variety of positions, including as chair of the National Board of Examiners and as a member of the National Advisory Council. She also served a three-year term on the National Board of Directors before being elected Secretary-Treasurer, which led to her becoming HFMA’s 2010-11 National Chair.

“For some, that might be the end of the volunteer journey,” said HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer in presenting the award. “But not for Debi. After serving in our Association’s highest elected office, she continued to support HFMA's mission by leading the Chapters 2.0 strategic initiative.”

Accepting the award, Kuchka-Craig noted that while it is an individual award, she shares it with those who have mentored her throughout her career. She also pledged to pay it forward.

“Hearing the challenges in our industry that are upon us and knowing that what we do matters greatly, I know that I’m not done yet in terms of my outreach,” said Kuchka-Craig.


Image of Jude Crowell

Jude Crowell

Jude Crowell is the chief client officer at Invicta Health Solutions, headquartered in Houston, where he leads the development and management of client deliverables. A member of HFMA since 2005, Crowell never hesitates to volunteer on behalf of the South Carolina Chapter. Over the years, he has served as education chair, treasurer, secretary, president-elect and president. In every situation, Crowell’s passion and hard work inspired everyone around him.

Crowell stepped up into a regional leadership position in 2020-21 when he served as the Regional Executive for Region 5. During that time, he led the Region in planning and hosting its successful inaugural Southeastern Summit in February 2020.

“Perhaps one of Jude’s most significant contributions to HFMA, both locally and nationally, is his infectious passion for service,” said National Chair Aaron Crane at the award presentation. “He has inspired countless individuals throughout the country to engage with their local HFMA chapter and encouraged them to establish and attain personal goals to the enrichment of our entire industry.”

Crowell said he owes what has been referred to as his servant heart to his parents who taught him the importance of community servanthood and family from an early age. He also noted that his family has expanded through the years to include all the people he’s met through his HFMA involvement.

“HFMA is a safe place to become a leader, to try new things and to engage with the community and peers,” said Crowell. “Thank you.” 

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