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Revenue Cycle Strategist October 2019

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Trend | Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle Strategist October 2019

Read the following articles featured in the October 2019 issue of HFMA's Revenue Cycle Strategist newsletter.

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Medicare payment

How to get a handle on Medicare bad debt

Jonathan Wiik

Medicare bad debt is a significant source of revenue leakage for hospitals and often is not addressed adequately.

Revenue cycle technology

Deciding whether to build or buy robotic process automation systems

Andrew Woughter

There are many considerations in the quest to automate revenue cycle processes. Revenue cycle leaders can set the stage by determining whether to build a system internally or partner to implement robotic process automation.

Revenue cycle operations

Patients, employees and technology lead revenue cycle transformation

From our Sponsor, Parallon

Increasing revenue cycle efficiencies may seem like a major challenge, but by focusing on your employees, patients and workflows through automating and streamlining processes, you can improve patient relationships and your bottom line.

Coding Q&A

Know your denials challenges before developing prevention strategies

Keith Olenik

Successful denial management and prevention strategies require the right mix of people capable of handling the process from beginning to end.

Figure at a Glance

Consumer-oriented services necessary for healthcare providers to maintain patient loyalty

Convenience factors, including easy-to-use payment options, have a significant impact on patients’ loyalty to healthcare providers.

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Strategic planning in the new year: 3 challenges and 3 digital solutions

Hospitals are examining 2022 year-end revenue, setting goals for 2023 long-term capital, and creating strategic plans for patient engagement and staffing stability

Article | Revenue Cycle

Vanderbilt Health harnesses data to improve revenue cycle management

Vanderbilt Health has employed automation as a way to keep RCM operations working properly since before the pandemic.

Column | Cost Effectiveness of Health

David Johnson: Rewiring healthcare’s smartest professionals (Hint: It’s not physicians)

Revenue cycle management is a massive and growing industry within the U.S. healthcare system. But its focus is more on optimizing revenue than on ensuring the needs of patients are fully met. That needs to change, and a better approach is not out of reach.

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Revenue Cycle Operations Research Summary Report

HFMA, with sponsorship by Currance, surveyed 110 healthcare CFOs and revenue cycle, finance and accounting executives to understand how satisfied healthcare providers are with their current revenue cycle operations, and what they find most valuable.