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Trend | Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle Strategist October 2019

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Trend | Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle Strategist October 2019

Read the following articles featured in the October 2019 issue of HFMA's Revenue Cycle Strategist newsletter.

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Medicare payment

How to get a handle on Medicare bad debt

Jonathan Wiik

Medicare bad debt is a significant source of revenue leakage for hospitals and often is not addressed adequately.

Revenue cycle technology

Deciding whether to build or buy robotic process automation systems

Andrew Woughter

There are many considerations in the quest to automate revenue cycle processes. Revenue cycle leaders can set the stage by determining whether to build a system internally or partner to implement robotic process automation.

Revenue cycle operations

Patients, employees and technology lead revenue cycle transformation

From our Sponsor, Parallon

Increasing revenue cycle efficiencies may seem like a major challenge, but by focusing on your employees, patients and workflows through automating and streamlining processes, you can improve patient relationships and your bottom line.

Coding Q&A

Know your denials challenges before developing prevention strategies

Keith Olenik

Successful denial management and prevention strategies require the right mix of people capable of handling the process from beginning to end.

Figure at a Glance

Consumer-oriented services necessary for healthcare providers to maintain patient loyalty

Convenience factors, including easy-to-use payment options, have a significant impact on patients’ loyalty to healthcare providers.

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News | Financial Leadership

HFMA Chair Tammie Jackson: Finance professionals can help the healthcare industry chart a better, more equitable future

The pivot point marked by the COVID-19 pandemic is a chance for healthcare leaders to guide the industry in a direction that better serves all demographics, said HFMA National Chair Tammie Jackson.

Sponsored Content | Revenue Cycle

How to unleash the true value of your remote reps through effective workforce management

A data-driven management approach to revenue cycle that empowers your staff could effect sweeping change for improved long-term financial health.

White Paper | Revenue Cycle

The Role of Revenue Cycle in Elevating the Human Experience in Healthcare

This paper, published in collaboration with the Beryl Institute, explores how revenue cycle plays an integral role in a person’s experience well before and after a clinical engagement. It reinforces that if we are to ensure the best in experience, we must recognize and act to support every factor that impacts outcomes. Revenue cycle is far more than an operational function; it is a strategic driver that frames the patient journey, as it is typically the first impression and last touchpoint with a healthcare organization.

News | Staff Development

HFMA’s Annual Conference 2021 kicks off Nov. 8, with options for healthcare finance professionals to attend in Minneapolis or virtually

HFMA’s Annual Conference 2021, which begins Nov. 8, will provide education and networking opportunities for both in-person and virtual attendees.