Author: J. Stuart Showalter

340B Ruling: Good News for Some, Maybe

340B-eligible facilities are unsure of the fate of the 340B discount drug program as they await a U.S. District Court ruling on remedies that could further alter payments.

J. Stuart Showalter February 20, 2019

OIG’s Video Highlights a Busy Year

A recent OIG video highlighting various reports offers helpful reminders for finance personnel, compliance officers, legal counsel, and others who assist in ensuring that their healthcare organizations abide by all legal requirements.

J. Stuart Showalter February 20, 2019

Hospital Policies on Medical Marijuana

Legalization of medical marijuana in 46 states raises concerns for hospitals and health systems in terms of administering the drug, patient safety, and staff impact. But sample policies and assistance exist such as three options from the Minnesota Hospital Association.  

J. Stuart Showalter January 15, 2019

Reminder: Price Posting Requirement Began Jan. 1

CMS reminds healthcare providers that the format for posting is the hospital’s choice, but the information must be “consumer-friendly” and must enable patients to understand their financial liabilities and compare charges for similar services across other hospitals. 

J. Stuart Showalter January 15, 2019

HIPAA Breaches Make News, Cost Money

Three Boston hospitals that were recently slapped with HIPAA violations for allowing television crews into their facilities are reminders of the intricacies of patient privacy laws. 

J. Stuart Showalter November 20, 2018

Shared Birthdays Cause Patient Matching Errors

Patients who share similarly spelled names and the same birth dates are particularly susceptible to patient record mismatches.

J. Stuart Showalter November 20, 2018

Patient Matching in the Era of EHRs

It is not uncommon for clinicians to have incomplete or inaccurate pictures of patients’ medical histories and conditions because the record and the patient do not match. This exposes healthcare organizations to medical errors, increased costs, and negative patient experiences. 

J. Stuart Showalter November 20, 2018

CMS and OIG Seek Input on Fraud Laws

Recognizing the transition to value-based payment and care coordination, HHS is asking interested parties to identify regulatory obstacles to achievement of that goal.

J. Stuart Showalter October 11, 2018

The Internet of Things Presents Security Concerns

The sheer number of networked healthcare devices means larger cybersecurity attacks are easier to execute. For healthcare providers, these breaches are not only disruptive, embarrassing, and expensive, but they can lead to serious medical complications for patients.

J. Stuart Showalter October 11, 2018

Human Trafficking: Hidden Problem, Hidden Costs

New ICD-10 codes allow for clinicians to document treatment of human trafficking victims, but legal considerations should be taken before doing so.

J. Stuart Showalter August 15, 2018
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