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False Claims Act Penalties are Rising

A recent increase in false claims penalties and a Supreme Court case placing the burden on healthcare organizations to be aware of payment requirements, necessitates that hospital compliance officers redouble efforts to prevent false claims.

J. Stuart Showalter August 4, 2016

New HIPAA Audits About to Begin

Both desk and on-site HIPAA audits will be performed, and every covered healthcare entity and business associate is eligible for an audit.

J. Stuart Showalter July 11, 2016

Interstate Compact Eases Licensure, Improves Quality of Care

Currently, 17 states have adopted compacts to help physician specialists practice across state lines, opening the door for telemedicine opportunities.

J. Stuart Showalter July 11, 2016

Two-Midnight Rule Redux

Concerns about the two-midnight rule continue, but experts insist that they can be overcome with better education of utilization review and case management staff.

J. Stuart Showalter May 5, 2016

Supreme Court to Hear Fraud Case

Depending on a Supreme Court decision later this year, false claims plaintiffs and their attorneys may have wider latitude to bring lawsuits.

J. Stuart Showalter April 7, 2016

Acting on the Signs and Solutions of Financial Distress

Hospitals and health systems will find the solutions to financial distress more palatable if they recognize the warning signs early and act appropriately to address them.

J. Stuart Showalter February 15, 2016

Concerns Raised Over Changes to 340B Program

As healthcare stakeholders await expected 340B Drug Pricing Program changes, Henry Ford Health System shares how it structures its related compliance efforts.

J. Stuart Showalter January 6, 2016

NLRB Expands ‘Joint-Employer’ Concept

Expansion of the joint-employer concept could have implications for hospitals and other providers who use staffing agencies.

J. Stuart Showalter November 10, 2015

HIPAA Breaches: Eight Lessons Learned

A healthcare attorney shares eight critical lessons from dealing with HIPAA breach issues.

J. Stuart Showalter October 12, 2015

Avoiding and Managing CMS Audits

A revenue cycle director and a healthcare attorney share tips for avoiding CMS audits and managing claim denial appeals.

J. Stuart Showalter August 20, 2015