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HIPAA Compliance Needs Improvement

While technology changes over the past 22 years have allowed increasingly skillful data breaches, we can expect even more dramatic developments in the next five years. Attention to potential breaches now—in all their various forms—will be essential to managing unforeseen future threats.

J. Stuart Showalter July 11, 2018

Supreme Court Narrows Whistleblower Law

A Supreme Court decision affects whistleblowers in for-profit companies; those working for not-for-profits are protected by other statutes.

J. Stuart Showalter May 4, 2018

BCBS Case is a Lesson on Antitrust

A U.S. district court judge recently questioned the reasonableness of the claims against BCBS that accuse the health plan of increasing coverage opportunities by eliminating competition.

J. Stuart Showalter May 4, 2018

Healthcare Sector Awaits Regulatory Reform

Two actions that minimize the impact of federal agency guidance documents concern some healthcare experts. Although these changes do not apply directly to healthcare regulatory agencies, government litigators could use them to determine the relevance of HHS or CMS guidance.

J. Stuart Showalter April 5, 2018

Another Hospital Loses a Tax Case

As lawmakers scrutinize the definition of “charitable” organizations, a recent case involving the timing of taxation of a hospital reclassified as for-profit illustrates the point.

J. Stuart Showalter April 5, 2018

NLRB Asks for Public Input on 2014 Election Rule

NLRB is requesting public comment on union election regulations. 

J. Stuart Showalter February 23, 2018

NLRB Reverses ‘Joint Employer’ Decision

Although joint employer status is less likely now in the wake of recent NLRB decisions, hospitals are cautioned to involve labor relations counsel in drafting any subcontracting or outsourcing arrangements. 

J. Stuart Showalter February 14, 2018

MD Anderson Shares Positive Social Media Experiences

MD Anderson finds the use of social media to benefit not only the organization and its employees but also the community at large.

J. Stuart Showalter January 15, 2018

Survey Underscores Growing Importance of Compliance and Ethics Training

In general, compliance professionals are not satisfied with the level of training provided to their boards. A lack of effective training could open organizations up to lawsuits and litigation.

J. Stuart Showalter November 15, 2017

Hospital’s Tax-Exempt Status Revoked for Lack of Community Health Needs Assessment

The IRS stated that a rural hospital had failed to conduct a proper community health needs assessment and make it widely available to the public. The hospital’s tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) was revoked retroactively.

J. Stuart Showalter October 16, 2017