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Compliance Analytics: There’s Gold in the Data

Compliance can become a financial asset. For example, data mining provides opportunities to improve vague or incomplete clinical documentation, weak internal communication, overly conservative or inconsistent coding, and physician education, all of which improve the bottom line and reduce risk.

J. Stuart Showalter August 10, 2017

Hospital Requirement to Provide Auxiliary Communication Aids Continues

An appellate court ruled hospitals must continue to provide appropriate auxiliary aids to help hearing impaired patients exchange medical and financial information with hospital staff. 

J. Stuart Showalter July 17, 2017

Auditing for Stark Law Compliance

Compliance with the Stark Law requires involving legal, compliance, and other expertise on the front end of the process rather than auditing for problems later.

J. Stuart Showalter May 8, 2017

DOJ Guidance on Compliance Effectiveness

New guidance highlights common questions that prosecutors ask when judging compliance program effectiveness.

J. Stuart Showalter April 10, 2017

Managing the ACA’s Nondiscrimination Provisions

The ACA prohibits discrimination in health programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. Healthcare providers face the challenges of preventing language barriers that may impact certain patients based on race, as well as current litigation on gender identify.

J. Stuart Showalter April 10, 2017

Legal Concerns in Telemedicine

Although telemedicine provides numerous benefits, it also presents some legal and regulatory challenges. Legal and regulatory concerns can be grouped under three main categories: Licensure laws; privileges and credentials; and confidentiality, privacy, and security.

J. Stuart Showalter February 15, 2017

MOON Form Approved

The MOON notice related to observation status was recently approved.

J. Stuart Showalter December 9, 2016

Over the MOON about the NOTICE Act

Although many healthcare leaders applaud the fact that there is plenty of time to prepare for MOON requirements, there are lingering concerns, including limited patient education in the form and requirements for translating the form into other languages.

J. Stuart Showalter November 16, 2016

Addressing Challenges Presented by Financial Assistance Rules

Although the vast majority of hospitals have been working to implement IRS regulations for patient financial assistance, healthcare leaders should focus on potential problem areas because compliance with all the requirements is necessary to qualify for tax-exempt status.

J. Stuart Showalter October 12, 2016

High Court Decides False Claims Act Case

The Supreme Court ruled that “in some circumstances” hospitals’ implied certification of compliance with payment requirements may make them liable under the False Claims Act, but the decision’s reach is not as expansive as proposed by plaintiffs and the federal government.

J. Stuart Showalter August 4, 2016