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Jill Geisler: 6 things good leaders don’t do when delivering bad news

Don’t you just love those days when it feels great to be a manager? That’s when business is humming, quality is high, and your team is happy. As a leader, you have the delightful job of sharing success stories with everyone involved. Life is good. And then there are the far less pleasant days. In…

Array September 13, 2023

Jill Geisler: The best healthcare finance leaders are also great coaches

When we become managers, we start with assumptions about our role. We may believe that, as the person in charge, we need to a be a decision-maker, problem-solver, idea person and quality controller. That’s a good list. But it’s incomplete. Working with managers for many years, I’ve learned that the best leaders also aspire to…

Array August 10, 2023

Jill Geisler: Leaders need to master the art of strategic interruption

We know that clear, effective communication is an essential leadership skill. Your messages convey a vision for the team. They describe what success looks like. They rally the troops. They also can make or break someone’s day. That’s why it’s important to be thoughtful about your approach to communication ― like knowing when and how…

Array May 11, 2023

Jill Geisler cautions healthcare finance leaders to beware of blind spots and biases

You’re a good leader. You work hard, care deeply and want your people to succeed. You take part in trainings and programs to elevate your skills and the culture you lead. You read columns like this to pick up management tips. And you don’t stop reading when you get to the uncomfortable message of this…

Array April 11, 2023

Jill Geisler: 4 ways to give positive feedback with impact

May I give you a pleasant assignment? Think about a high performer on your team. Next, write a few bullet points about what that person does to earn your high regard. Finally, take 90 seconds and format it as a message to that person. This is a class exercise I use when teaching managers about…

Array March 15, 2023

Jill Geisler: When leading a multi-generational team, avoid stereotypes

There are five generations in today’s workforce: Silent, boomers, Generation X, millennials and Generation Z. They can range in age from 18 to 80 ― and all just might be working for the same organization! The secret to managing across generations It’s simple: Avoid stereotyping people by their ages. That may fly in the face…

Array February 15, 2023

Jill Geisler: Resolve to upgrade your communication in 2023

What are your key goals for 2023? You’ve probably established your business goals for the year ahead. But what about personal goals?  What can you do to improve your leadership effectiveness and benefit your team? Let me offer a worthy resolution: In 2023, pledge to upgrade the quality of your communication. It’s a critical part…

Array January 16, 2023

Jill Geisler: How inclusive leaders protect against ‘invisible work’

DEI efforts within organizations can result in extra work for key staff. Jill Geisler shares tips for how leaders can ensure this does not become invisible work that imposes an unrecognized burden.

Array October 13, 2022

Jill Geisler: Are you creating quiet quitters or preventing them?

Quiet quitting is a current workplace hot topic. Jill Geisler discusses the trend and the role that leaders can play in either preventing — or perpetuating — it.

Array October 12, 2022

Jill Geisler: Focus on substance rather than your leadership style

Leadership style labels have been around for decades. Jill Geisler shares why prioritizing substance over style is more helpful and explains what that looks like for today’s leaders.

Array September 13, 2022