Founders Awards

The Founders Award Program awards volunteer service with points towards awards. Learn more.

Founders Award recipient roster – lists Founders Awards received by all members of your chapter

Founders Points Update Form – use this form for changes or deletions to existing points

Founders Awards Communication – use this link for templates and ideas for announcing Founders Awards winners

New Founders Awards Process:
  • January 15: HFMA emails the Founders Report and Founders Award Eligibility Report to each chapter’s Founders Contact and/or President. In the email HFMA indicates that the address the Founders Awards are sent to will also be the address the President’s Award (clock) will be sent to.
  • January 15-February 10: Chapters validate Founders report and make any changes using the Founders Points Update Form (above). Chapter signs off via a Cvent survey to indicate the validation process is complete and to provide the address the awards should be shipped to. The Founders Points Update Form can be uploaded to the survey if changes are required. If Medal of Honor awards are needed, those are requested using current Cvent survey.
  • February 12-16: HFMA makes any requested corrections and sends final Founders Eligibility Report to chapters to indicate the awards being ordered.
  • February 19-29: HFMA prepares requested certificates and requests all needed awards.
  • March 1-10: Awards are sent (Bronze and Silver by email and Gold, Medal of Honor and Presidents Awards by mail)
  • June 1: Quarterly Founders Award ordering deadline for chapters
  • September 1: Quarterly Founders Award ordering deadline for chapters
  • December 1: Quarterly Founders Award ordering deadline for chapters
Founders Award order forms

Bronze, Silver and Golds Awards Order Form – Use this form to submit during one of the Quarterly Submission Deadlines – June 1, September 1, December 1. This order form is not needed for the Spring submission since that is initiated by the Association (see timeline above).  

Medal of Honor Form – The chapter president should complete this form based on approval by the chapter board of directors. Submit your request at least 45 days prior to date needed. Please be aware this timeframe is based on material availability.     

Founders Points Review & Entry Process

Request Chapter Members Report Points

Although the Association and chapters track most member points, it is ultimately the responsibility of the individual member to report points earned to the Chapter’s Founders contact. One way to accomplish this could be a chapter-specific form for members to complete, such as shown below. If the chapter would like to set up this form, please contact the Volunteer Experience Team at [email protected].

Review and enter Founders points for individual or multiple members

Download these instructions on how to review and enter points, then enter points on the Founders points review and entry page. Members are sorted alphabetically by first name.

Update committee participation to update Founders points

From theChapter Leadership Roster Information Page, click on the link under “Other Committees” (below blue outlined box). Follow the instructions on this page for entry. Updating the roster will also automatically assign the appropriate number of Founders points based on the entries.

View and verify all chapter member points

From the Chapter Reports page, run the Founders Report to verify all points have been entered. The report lists member ID, name, converted start count, and any points added to date for all your chapter members. If any duplicate entries are identified, please notify the Volunteer Experience Team so the record can be adjusted. Please note the Chapter Founders Report will show Founders points in “real-time” and therefore should NOT be used to determine awards eligibility. 

Review and verify Founders Award listing

By January 15,  2023 the Association will run the  Founders Award Eligibility Report  for 2023 awards and send this report to each chapter’s Founders Contact and/or President. It will then be up to the Chapter to review the list and submit your approval via a Cvent verification survey. If you need Founders Awards  outside of this timeframe, there will be three submission periods when orders can be sent quarterly – June 1, September 1 and December 1 with the 2023 Founders Awards Order link below. Please note, the Medal of Honor award will need to be ordered by the Chapter using the current order request process year-round since that award requires Chapter Board approval.

Note:  Running the Founders Award Eligibility Report before all points have been entered in could change the awards data. 

For assistance or inquiries, email the Volunteer Experience Team