Colorado Chapter

Greetings Colorado HFMA Members!


I hope you are all having a great summer, getting out there and enjoying the outdoors. This summer certainly has been more outgoing than last year.

In the wake of COVID-19, we continue to make progress as an industry. I reflect on the momentum our chapter carried through such a challenging 2020. As I take the reigns as CO HFMA President for the 2021-2022 year, “Momentum” will be the theme I have chosen to guide me and my fellow officers this year. As a former commercial raft guide and now an avid whitewater enthusiast, momentum is a key tactic when rafting. It must be built up as your crew paddle the raft out of the still water to create movement. It allows the raft to avoid obstacles, align with the flow, and overcome turbulence within the river, such as waves, holes, and falls. Momentum affords the ability to adjust quickly and ensure you travel the correct path. Sounds a lot like healthcare.

We had many challenges in 2020. No in-person events, annual cancelled in San Antonio, separation from networking events, and others all created obstacles and turbulence in our path. But we had momentum. Our past president, Pilar Mank, a fearless, passionate boat captain, navigated the torrents of 2020 flawlessly. Our chapter increased its membership to the highest in a decade. We surpassed sponsorship dollars targets from our valued business partners with incredible results. We certified many, many COHFMA members – more so than in years past. We held virtual events, which scored at or above our prior education quality scores. In short, we were resilient. We persevered. We performed at the top of most of the national chapters. We kicked butt. We are Colorado HFMA.

2021 will not be an easier year for our industry. Most hospitals are still recovering financially. Government assistance is likely to stall before the year ends, and many organizations are in a “holding pattern” for new projects, staffing, education, and travel. CO HFMA will have its challenges as well, in keeping quality education going strong, all while maintaining the necessary funding from participation from attendees and business partners. The national leadership conference was delayed this year from April until July. The Colorado team came together anyway and planned out what we could for 2021-2022. It looks fantastic. Colorado HFMA will persevere. We will carry on the momentum we created through those turbulent waters of 2020 and make it to our destination. 

Where are we going? We are going to continue to provide top-notch education and networking opportunities – regardless of the medium. We will provide opportunities to achieve certifications, to network with your peers, and above all create an environment where ideas are shared and deployed to improve the healthcare industry. We hope to get together soon as we prepare for networking events to just see and speak to each other, face to face once again. It’s important to keep momentum in our relationships as well. CO HFMA is family, and we need to get together soon. Stay tuned.

As your 2021-2022 Colorado President, along with my officers, we are here but to serve you, our membership. We will continue the momentum created in years past and strive to deliver the best value for HFMA we can. We are investing our time as volunteers to best support all of you. I and my fellow officers encourage you to reach out to us at any time ([email protected]) to provide suggestions, feedback, comments, questions, concerns, or just to say “hey, how you doin’?” Please reach out and let us know what you want to see this year. I am all ears, paddle in hand, ready to command the most awesome CO HFMA crew down river. Have a great summer.

Jonathan Wiik, MHA, MBA, CHFP
CO HFMA President 2021-2022

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