Colorado Chapter

President’s Welcome

Colorado HFMA,

What an exciting year it has been. We just wrapped up our Fall event, named Reaching New Heights and this title made me think, “what does healthcare and climbing a mountain have in common?” When we start out a journey in healthcare and/or climb a mount we know the journey may be filled with challenges and opportunity along the way. I think many of us want to be successful in the path, help others along the way, and be proud of the outcome.

Climbing a mountain (a hike or 14er) is not always easy. There is the preparation, obstacles to consider, changing landscape and more. Sound familiar? What makes the climb easier is encouragement from those who have come before, a map of the current landscape, updates on obstacles and changes ahead. For those diehard climbers perhaps a prep course (survival 101) or climbing certification. Lastly, a climb is much more enjoyable with a group of friends that can enjoy the view at the top with you.

Healthcare finance is a beast of a mountain, and HFMA is a good way to satisfy many of those needs when it comes to understanding the terrain.

I’ve been in healthcare for three decades. I started my journey in a clinical role as a nursing assistant and telemetry technician. You guessed it! I was 12 years old when I started. Since those early years I journeyed to the revenue cycle side in positions such as biller, trainer, lead, coordinator, supervisor, director, and I am currently the Vice President of Revenue Cycle at Amerita Specialty Infusion. 

Healthcare change would be impossible to navigate without the map that HFMA provides. HFMA provides local and national healthcare news. Local, regional, and national events provide finance leaders with the opportunity to stay current with industry changes and norms. Certification comes with membership and helps leaders refine and redefine their skillset. Networking allows us to meet other experts in the industry.

I have met so many wonderful experts that have shared their experience and friendship during my involvement with HFMA. I love having the ability to bounce ideas and talk shop with area leaders. My deepest wish is that you have the same experience and outcome.

When you are on a journey sometimes you need to fill your backpack. Our Colorado HFMA sponsors provide the tools and experience to help healthcare overcome challenges and obstacles. Our sponsors can help in the way of outsourcing, offshoring, denials management, support services, accounts receivable, patient collections, banking, complex claims, eligibility, automation, payer partnerships, revenue integrity, accounting, and staffing.

In addition to the newsletters, and webinars, make sure to join us for our yearly events. We just wrapped up our fall conference with record attendance and are heading into our DEI WIL event focused on building community. Our spring symposium will be held on April 18-19, 2024 at the Curtis Hotel in Downtown Denver. This event is not to be missed! If you don’t already have plans to attend the Western Region symposium (WRS) make sure you inquire about how you can get there with discounted pricing or scholarship. The Carnival theme is going to be exciting to see at the Paris, in Las Vegas.

I hope that you are always prepared for the journey ahead. Make sure to keep HFMA in mind when you want a partner in your finance leadership experience. 

Dina Prince
Colorado HFMA President 2023-24

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