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COHFMA provides a professional community of interest for all who engage in the financial management of healthcare. Through monthly meetings and other events, we meet together, assist one another and learn from experts in our field.

COHFMA is an organization whose value to members is proven daily through a variety of resources and opportunities. Both the national and chapter organizations strive to bring perspective and clarity to the healthcare industry’s complex issues. Through both chapter and national programs, publications and partnerships we work to enhance capabilities that strengthen not only individual careers, but the organizations from which our members come.


The lifeblood of the Colorado HFMA is its committee system. Chapter volunteers work through a wide array of committees that organize the chapter’s programs, educational efforts and internal operations.

The Audit and Finance Committee shall be a committee of the Chapter whose purpose it shall be to ensure that a financial review is performed on the books and financial records of the Chapter at the close of each fiscal year and is composed of at least one (1) Chapter member, who shall be appointed by the Board of Directors for a one (1) year term. The Committee meets at least once each fiscal year. Duties include:

  1. Perform or have performed an annual review of the Chapter’s financial records and communicate the results in writing to the Board of Directors;
  2. Review and report in writing to the Board of Directors on the adequacy of the Chapter’s internal controls; and
  3. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

The Sponsorship Committee will be responsible for establishing and promoting the Annual Corporate Sponsorship Program to current and prospective sponsors either from the non-provider or the provider community. The committee will be responsible for conveying the benefits of the sponsorship program and keeping abreast of changes that may be required to meet the needs of the sponsor and to provide the value for maintaining the sponsorship from year to year.

This committee also manages the maintenance and retention of current sponsors as well as promotes sponsorship and exhibits at Chapter programs.

The Educational Programs Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating educational sessions including speakers, attendee registration, site arrangements, payment, and meeting follow-up and evaluations. Some of these logistical duties may be coordinated with the Chapter Office Manager or other designated resource. The committee is comprised of the individual program Chairs, Co-Chairs, and Committee members who are charged with designing programs that may be on site or via webinars. A meeting schedule is presented to the Board with dates and topics by no later than August 31st.

The committee will establish goals that will include: net program income, member and total attendance, and member educational hours. The committee will establish a monitoring system and report results to the Board. The committee will coordinate a minimum of two onsite educational seminars and a minimum of 12 webinars.

This committee is also responsible for planning social networking events that may or may not be in conjunction with a scheduled educational event. These events may include the Annual Golf Tournament, Rockies games, Casino Night, Networking After-Hours, etc.

This subcommittee is charged with increasing the educational opportunities available to Chapter members and community through low cost or free webinars. The subcommittee is responsible for:

  1. identifying appropriate educational topics of interest
  2. securing speakers
  3. screening the presentation
  4. and organizing, promoting and hosting of the webinars

This committee is in charge of expanding and maintaining the Chapter’s membership based on the goals established by National HFMA. To accomplish this, a recruitment and retention plan for new and advanced members must be established and carried out each year in alignment with national initiatives. These initiatives include: Newsletter articles, Prospective Membership recruitment, Member-Get-A-Member Program, Non-Renewal activities, and formulation of a Student Liaison committee. The committee is responsible for providing new member communications, including access to membership lists, descriptions of programs, and information about committees. The committee will be responsible for calling and inviting new members to a New Member’s event (e.g. breakfast) and complimentary educational program, whereby they will learn more about the Colorado Chapter, its programs, and its officers. This committee will coordinate with the Educational Committees to ensure that the registration process is conducted efficiently and consistently for every educational session throughout the year. The committee will coordinate with Educational Co-Chairs to enlist members to staff registration desks at each educational session. The committee will promote and encourage pre-registration.The Co-Chairs are available to answer member inquiries by phone or email, and are knowledgeable about chapter activities and procedures.  The Co-Chairs will serve as the main contact for membership reports and marketing information provided by National HFMA and utilization of this information in the chapter’s membership recruitment, reinstatement, and retention efforts. The Co-Chairs serve as the liaison to National HFMA regarding maintenance of the HFMA database by encouraging members to notify HFMA with changes in their job, address, or other status and providing this information to National HFMA if they receive it.

The Aspiring Leaders Subcommittee is part of the Membership Committee focusing on increasing and driving involvement from those early in their careers. We collaborate with leaders from different kind of organizations by making meaningful connections to help you grow professionally and personally. The Aspiring Leaders are the future of HFMA! Visit the Aspiring Leaders webpage.

This committee consists of Past Presidents only and addresses issues presented to them by the Board and/or Chapter President. In addition, this committee is responsible for recommending Yerger Award applications to be submitted to HFMA National for consideration and recommending the Volunteer of the Year Award presented at the Annual Conference.

The NASBA coordinator ensures that programs meet appropriate guidelines as laid out by NASBA.  The coordinator prepares all forms and certificates for approved chapter programs.