Southern California Leadership

Board of Directors

Brian Mattson

Nic Beas


Angie Wilson

Eugina Tillman,  CRCR
Board Member

Tania Hogan
Board Member

Gretchen Works
Board Member

Matt Logan
Board Member

Andre Webster
Board Member

Jeff Logan
Board Member

John Pace
Board Member

Frank Matricardi, MPH, DrPH, FHFMA
Board Advisor

Certification Committee

Sam King

Responsible for assisting Chapter members in preparation for HFMA certification exams. The exams assume and test for an advance core level of professional competence in healthcare financial management overall plus individual specialty areas of Accounting, Finance, Financial Management of Physician Practices, Managed Care and Patient Financial Services. Committee members are required to possess current HFMA certification, and as such are eligible to serve as exam proctors.

CFO Roundtable / Finance

Ensure the educational and networking needs of the Senior Financial Executives of the chapter are met through educational programs or networking events. Assist the membership committee in meeting National goals of SFE membership.

Founders Points Contact

In each chapter the Founders Points Coordinator works to document the contributions of members who volunteer their time to the chapter so they earn Founders Awards. Founders Points are also applicable to those who are progressing to their FHFMA status.

Member General Contact

[email protected]

Membership & Communications

Tania Hogan

This committee is charged with building the Chapter’s membership through new member recruiting and member retention. Helps coordination of new member welcome packets, makes new members feel welcome and helps ensure member satisfaction. Communications is responsible for the chapter’s email marketing, social media, and website.

Past Presidents

Sam King

This committee is manages relationships and suggestions from our past chapter presidents

​Program Planning

Eugina Tillman

This committee is responsible for planning and coordinating the three annual Chapter educational seminars including general sessions/keynote speakers, site arrangements, creation/distribution of the brochure, assisting with registration and tracking evaluations.

Region 11 Symposium

Nic Beas

Brian Mattson

This committee is responsible for all facets of planning, organizing and developing the Region 11 Symposium, held annually during January, either as the lead chapter or one of the co-leads.

Revenue Cycle & Managed Care Committees
Sponsorship Committee

Ira Forkish

Andre Webster

Sponsorship Committee is responsible for obtaining financial support for the chapter from vendors serving the healthcare industry. The support gathered is used to fund overall chapter expenses during the course of the year.

Student Recruitment

John Pace

Work with Faculty Advisors to inform/recruit students at the Master’s Level Health or Business Programs at various Southern California universities. Bring in chapter members to speak to students on healthcare careers and issues. 


Coordinates the maintenance of the chapter website.

Brian J. Mattson2023-2024
Stanley Augustine2022-2023
Gretchen Works2020-2022
Gina Churchill 2019-2020
Sam King, FHFMA2018-2019 
Joe Perry2017-2018
Brian J. Mattson2016-2017
Frank Matricardi, DrPH2015-2016
Mary (Kathy) Hammack, FHFMA      2014-2015
James Moynihan, FHFMA, MBA2013-2014
Scott Ujita2012-2013
Steven R. Blake, FHFMA, CPA2011-2012
Christopher Kinsey2010-2011
Rick Lash2009-2010
James Cummings2008-2009
Debby Chanen, FHFMA2007-2008
Greg Labow, FHFMA2006-2007
Wayne Knecht2005-2006
Gordon M. Johnson, FHFMA2004-2005
Ira L. Alexander2003-2004
Susan M. Labow2002-2003
Nancy H. Sussin2001-2002
Victoria Morgan, FHFMA2000-2001
Robert A. Oehlman1999-2000
W. Russel Blackford, CPA, CMCP1998-1999
Gerti Regan, CPA, CMPA1997-1998
James S. Stewart1996-1997
George Colman, Esq.1995-1996
David Canfield, FHFMA1994-1995
Robert C. Boullon, FHFMA1993-1994
Joanette M. deSousa1992-1993
Ronald D. Spoltore, CPA1991-1992
Steven C. Holman, CPA, FHFMA1990-1991
Eleanor Feltman1989-1990
Alan M. Ino1988-1989
Kenneth C. Barth, FHFMA1987-1988
Edward M. Prunchunas, FHFMA1986-1987
Allen G. Herkimer, Jr., FHFMA1985-1986
Keith Deisenroth1984-1985
Glen I. Kazahaya1983-1984
Christine L. Yount1982-1983
Fred E. Luhman, CPA1981-1982
Don Shinnick, CMPA1980-1981
Doris E. Syme1979-1980
John M. McGee1978-1979
Albert L. Peitte1977-1978
Lawrence G. Hixon1976-1977
R. Carleton Tufts, Jr.1975-1976
John M. Johnston1974-1975
Frank F. Dupper1973-1974
Rowland D. Hill1972-1973
Keith F. Adams1971-1972
John McClurg1970-1971
Crawford R. Hardy1969-1970
Robert J. Samsel1968-1969
Frank T. Murphy1967-1968
Ranney G. Adams1966-1967
Richard H. Wehmeyer1965-1966
Maurice M. Luther1964-1965
Norman E. Pechota1963-1964
George W. Mohler1962-1963
Joe Ryan1961-1962
Leonard Sine1959-1961
Richard Roth1958-1959
Carl Gottschalk1957-1958
John Gorby1955-1957
William Cruse1954-1955
Howard Hatfield1953-1954

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