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President's Welcome


WOW!  What a year so far!  I am honored to serve as the President of the NC Chapter of HFMA.  If anything the crazy year of 2020 thus far has taught me to appreciate your friends and family and our HFMA members are just that to me.  It is my pleasure to serve you, and my sincere goal to continue to provide value to all of our members this year, just in a slightly different setting.

Our National Theme for 2020-2021 is Your Challenge, Our Mission.  If ever a theme hit home, this one does to me.  Your Board of Directors and I have spent many hours trying to determine how we can meet the challenges of this year and continue to provide the great education, networking, and overall experience which our members deserve. We feel the challenge, but if there is one thing I am certain of, we can rise to and above any challenge if we work as a team.  If we’ve been able to juggle jobs in a new setting, becoming full-time teachers, babysitters, chefs, social directors, and much, much, more, we can do just about anything.

This year, my ask of membership is three-fold: be in patient, get involved, and speak-up.  We need your creativity, we need your insights, we need your expertise and we will need your patience as we grow through the challenges.  If we can do all these things together, we can come out stronger on the other end.  That said, please send me your thoughts, ideas, and feedback at any time, I look forward to hearing from you all.




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