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President’s Welcome


As I was sitting on the beach in Emerald Isle recently, I thought about HFMA and specifically our Chapter –NCHFMA. NCHFMA has so much to offer its members and I am a beneficiary of the talents shared by so many of you. I am thankful to have an organization that values healthcare education; it’s volunteers and members; and the communities it serves.

COVID was an arduous and stressful virus! Some of us lost family members and/or friends and some of us witnessed loved ones become very ill. Thankfully, we had skilled and knowledgeable healthcare providers that guided us through this difficult period. While COVID is not gone, we have learned the value of vaccinations; hand washing; and masks. All of this represents our receptiveness to CHANGE, either voluntarily or by being coerced/mandated to do the right thing. HFMA has had similar challenges over the past couple of years –with no face-to-face meetings; no networking; and limited education events.  However, as they say in business –we have a business to run –so figure it out. The goal of our Executive Team and board members this year is to get back to basics and demonstrate our desire to have a strong, vibrant membership.

For our Members

HFMA owes our members quality education that is attainable via multiple avenues (in-person; virtual; and hybrid). We also owe our members the opportunity to network with industry peers. Lastly, we owe our members a variety of educational events –such as, Revenue Cycle Roundtables; Medicare Workshops; Health Insurance Institutes; Women’s Conference; and Finance oriented topics to name a few.

For our Volunteers

HFMA needs to help you better understand and leverage the One HFMA Technology platform to make your role more enjoyable and productive. We need more volunteers to share in the related institutes, education events, and networking opportunities. And, we need to create an environment for those seeking leadership opportunities, both at the Chapter level as well as at the Regional or National level. If you have questions about these opportunities, please reach out to any board member or me directly at [email protected] or by cell 704-437-8622.

In summary, I want to close with these four points:

  1. NCHFMA has a tremendous board and capable volunteers; however, we need more volunteers and leaders for the future. As a member, just reach out to  any board member to better understand how you can assist and share your talents;
  2. We have a very robust and diversified educational agenda prepared for 2022-2023. If you do not see an area or topic that fits your individual needs, let us know. As a Chapter in a national organization, we have access to educational events across the country;
  3. Speak Up –Our mission is to serve our membership. WE cannot fix or improve what we don’t see or hear. Although we do an annual Satisfaction Survey, don’t wait to share opportunities for improvement;
  4. Lastly, but certainly not least, THANK YOU. Thank you for supporting HFMA and the NCHFMA Chapter. Hold your board accountable. And, come join us for an educational event and network with your peers.

I look forward to serving as your Chapter President in the current Chapter year. Feel free to reach out to me at any time.


Kenneth W. Vance
President, NCHFMA 2022-2023

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