North Carolina Business Partner Products and Services

NCHFMA Corporate Partners

Services and Contacts

1. Duke University School of Medicine
Catherine Diederich
[email protected]


Masters of Management in Clinical Informatics

1. Paragon Revenue Group
Brylan Gann
[email protected]


Early-Out, Primary Bad Debt & Secondary Bad Debt Collection Services

1. AccessOne
James Furbush
[email protected]

 Services: Patient Financing, Mobile Payment

2. BDO USA, P.A.
Stacey Lesanto
[email protected]

Services:  Financial Services, Assurance, Tax and Advisory Services

3. EnableComp
Michael Galloway
[email protected]

Services: Veteran’s Administration, Workers’ Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident/TPL, Denials Prevention and Resolution, Out of State Medicaid

4. Knowtion Health
Rich Caruso
[email protected]

Services: A/R Recovery Services, Low Balance Recovery, Denials Recovery, Complex Claims Recovery, and  Reimbursement Services

5. Meduit
Bob Hall
[email protected]

Services: Early Out Self Pay Collections, Bad Debt Recovery ,Insurance Resolution, Services, RPA Artificial Intelligence-SARA (Family of BOTS), Medicare Bad Debt Recovery and Analytics

6. R1
Abby Birch 
[email protected]

Services: Denials Management, 340B Recovery, Government Reimbursement, Revenue Recovery, Underpayment Recovery

7. The SSI Group, LLC
David Mancuso
[email protected]

Services: Claims Management and Billing, Denials Management and Prevention, Patient Access, Clearinghouse, Remittance Management

1. Bank of America
Kurt Powell
[email protected]

Services: Healthcare Treasury and Financial Services, Employee Benefits/Investments, Capital Finance, Investment Banking and Equipment Purchase and Leasing

2. ClearBalance HealthCare
Vince Koch
[email protected]

Services: Zero Interest Patient Financing, Omnichannel Patient Financing Engagement Platform, Patient Financial Engagement Outreach and Marketing Services

3. Encore Exchange
John McGarty
[email protected]

Services: Financial Assistance Eligibility & Support, Presumptive Charity Screening,  Customer Service Call Overflow, Extended Business Office, Subscription Based Collections

4. Experian Health
Aaron Tregoning
[email protected]

Services: Denials Management, AI, Revenue Cycle Management, Patient Experience/Digital Front Door and Payments & Collections

5. GetixHealth
Ty Carson
[email protected]

Services: Bad Debt Collections, EBO, Denials Management, Insurance Follow-up, Coding

6. MDaudit
Wesley Walker
[email protected]  

Services:  Auditing & Billing Compliance, Revenue Integrity & Revenue Cycle, Risk-Based Compliance, E&M worksheets and risk area worksheets, Automated Audit Workflows

7. Medlytix
Chris Snyder
[email protected]

Services: Insurance Products and Services, Auto/MVA, Self-pay Account Scoring, Presumptive Charity Scoring

8. NCHA Strategic Partners
Irene Watts
[email protected]

Services: Workforce solutions, Coordinated Care, Insurance & Risk and Revenue Efficiencies

9. OI Health
Allan White
[email protected]

Services: Budgeting software, Cost accounting, financial planning, margin analysis, Labor Productivity

10. Penn Credit Corporation
Thomas Perrotta
[email protected]

Services: Debt Collections – Primary, Secondary and Tertiary

EBO – Early-out Self Pay Receivables, Follow-up Insurance, Payment Plan Monitoring, Legacy System Conversion, Credit Balance Resolution and Charity Care Qualification

11. Prestige Staffing
Ashley Purcell
[email protected]

Services: Prestige Staffing provides contract, contract-to-hire and permanent placement of all levels of healthcare staff within revenue cycle, accounting, finance, clinical and IT departments within all types of healthcare companies.

12. Revecore
Ashely Sanders
[email protected]   

Services: Underpayment Review and Recovery, Denial Recovery and Prevention, and Complex Claims

13. Wakefield and Associates
Angie Connatser
[email protected]

Services:  Bad Debt Collection, EBO, Complex Claims, Insurance Follow-Up, Out of Network Claims

1. Bull City Financial Solutions
Marc Brewer
[email protected]

Services: Early Out/Extended Business Office, Inbound/Outbound Call Center Support, Primary Placement Collections, Secondary Placement Collections, Insurance Coverage and Filing Support

2. Credit Solutions, LLC 
Tom Henderson
[email protected]

Services: Collection A/R Recovery Services, Financial Services, Outsourcing Services, Patient Account Management/Business Office, Physician Practice Management

3. Elevate Patient Financial Solutions
Deana Norvell
[email protected]

Services: Eligibility and Enrollment, Self-Pay/Early Out, Complex Claims, Accounts Receivable Services

4. EligibilityOne
Jeff Woody
[email protected]  

Services: Third Party Eligibility, Out of State Medicaid Enrollment and Billing, Coverage Discovery, Pre-Authorizations, Credentialing

5. FirstCredit/RevCare
Jason Glenn
[email protected]

6. Harris & Harris
Neil Boudreaux
[email protected]

Services: Bad Debt Collection, Complex Claims(MVA, TPL, Workmans Comp), Early Out Solutions, Call Center Solutions, Legal Services

7. Healthfuse
Danielle Gori
[email protected]

Services:  Account-Level Auditing, Inventory Reconciliation, Invoice Certification, Contract Management and Negotiation, Consolidated Reporting

8. Hollis Cobb
Alisha Green
[email protected]

Services: Patient Access/Pre-Authorization, Scheduling, Insurance Follow-up, Self-Pay Early Out, Bad Debt Collections

9. KeyBridge Medical Revenue Care
Susan McDonald
[email protected]

Services:  EO/Self Pay Billing, Bad Debt Collections, Extended Business Office Solutions, Legacy System Cleanup, Digital First

10. MDS
Cheryl Spanier
[email protected]

Services: Digital Payment Solutions, Extended Business Office/Early Out Services, Primary Bad Debt Services, Secondary Bad Debt Services

11. Salud
Matt Mitchell
[email protected]

Services: AR and Denial Management, Coding and Compliance, Zero Balance/Underpayment Review, Self-Pay Solutions

12. SLG, Inc.
Sarah Goodman
[email protected] 

Services: Chargemaster Reviews/Standardizations/Management, Customized Revenue Integrity Education and Support, Chart-to-Bill Audits &Training, Billing Compliance & Reimbursement Analysis, Charge Capture Policy & Procedure Development

13. The LileKuhl Group, LLC
Lynn Lile-Kuhl
[email protected]          

Services: Interim Resources, Project Management, Dashboards, Benchmarking, Payor Contract Modeling

14. TruBridge
Michael Holmes
[email protected]

Services: Complete Business Office, Extended Business Office, Denial Management Medical Coding, RCM Product Suite

15. USA Senior Care Network
Bonnie Erlbacher
[email protected]

Services: Generate Inpatient/Outpatient Revenue by Increasing Insured Patient Volume and ACO Attribution

16. Vispa
Josh Schlabach
[email protected]   

Services:  Denials Analytics and Insurance Follow-Up Software Solutions

17. Xtend
Doug Cole
[email protected]

Services: Full or partial revenue cycle outsourcing, revenue integrity, custom third-party insurance collections, self-pay/early-out collections, and system conversion/legacy resolution