Michigan Great Lakes Early Careerist & Student Center

Michigan Great Lakes HFMA Student Scholarship

Program Association & Academic Year: 2024 – 2025

The Michigan Great Lakes Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (MIGL HFMA), Student Scholarship Program, offers the opportunity for students pursuing any healthcare management profession to obtain financial assistance for a specified variety of categories. 

The categories of scholarship offered are:

  1. Tuition Assistance ($1,000 award) + HFMA Student Membership Fee ($50 award)
  2. HFMA Professional Membership Fee ($475 award)

Scholarships are awarded for academic achievement, demonstration of leadership potential, service activities, technical skills, and communication skills.  Specifically, for the tuition assistance, award will also be subject to demonstrating the desire to commit to engaging in committee participation with the MIGL HFMA Leadership Team. 

Applications must be submitted by Friday, May 10, 2024, by 5pm.

Applicant Eligibility

To qualify for consideration for any category of scholarship offered, all applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Candidates must have full-time student status and be pursuing a healthcare management or related program of study at the time the scholarship is awarded and may be undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student.
  • Undergraduate students must have a minimum of 60 credit hours completed when scholarship is awarded.
  • Previous tuition winners are ineligible.
  • Previous tuition applicants who were not selected are eligible but must reapply.
  • Previous membership fee winners are eligible but must reapply.

Review Criteria

  • All interested students will need to submit:
    • A completed application
    • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Specific to Tuition Award Review Criteria:
    • Application, Resume -PLUS-
    • Letter(s) of Recommendation, maximum 2
      • Letter should include the recommender’s position and comment about the student’s leadership potential, technical, and communication skills.
      • Recommender should email, with clear indication of student, the letter directly to:  Michigan Great Lakes HFMA [email protected]

Conditions of Tuition Award

  1. Awardee will agree to co-lead, with the support of a seasoned Leadership Member, the established Student Leadership Committee.  Approximately 3-4 hours/month beginning June 2024. Appointment to a committee will be one (1) year.
  2. Awardee will agree to actively participate in at least one MIGL HFMA committee based upon the student’s interest.  Approximately 1-2 hours/month beginning June 2024. Appointment to a committee will be one (1) year.  Committees currently available:
  • Programs
  • Education
    • Sub-committees: Revenue Cycle, Reimbursement, Business Intelligence
  • Key Focus Group – DEI
  • Students & Early Careerists
  • Communications
  • Membership
  • Enterprise
  • Sponsorship
  • Certification
  • Networking

Conditions of Membership Award

  1. Awardee will agree to participate in a Student & Early Careerist Leadership Committee, along with other membership awardees. Approximately 1 hour/month beginning June 2024. Appointment to a committee will be one (1) year.


Please contact the MIGL HFMA Leadership Team with any questions or concerns by emailing us at Michigan Great Lakes HFMA.

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