Northwest Ohio Leadership


Chris Lovette
Wood County Hospital

Stacey Basalla
President Elect & Sponsorship Chair
Blue & Co. LLC

Jacob Wethington
Immediate Past President & Secretary
Blue & Co. LLC

Rachel Herman
The Bellevue Hospital


Amanda Wickard
Board of Director & Programming Chair
Wood County Hospital

Amy Gill
Board of Director
Fisher – Titus Medical Center

Richard Bame
Board of Director
Wood County Hospital

Kevin Kornowa
Board of Director
Huntington National Bank

Joe Williford
Sponsorship Co-Chair
Wood County Hospital

Updated as of 5/24/2023

Officer Roles

Chair of Board – provide guidance and continuity to the Officers and Chapter.

President – overall responsibility for Chapter operations as Chief Executive Officer.  Appoint committee chairs, establish Board meeting agenda, monitor Chapter effectiveness and financial soundness, maintain regular communication with HFMA National, and prepare and submit Annual Chapter Highlight Report.

President Elect – perform the duties of President in the President’s absence.  Recommend Board members and Officers for the next Chapter year to the Nominating Committee, monitor the completion of Chapter educational programs, and monitor assigned committees.

Secretary – maintains adequate Chapter documentation of programs and activities and related Founders Award points.  Prepare Board minutes, update non-Member mailing list, prepare and file Chapter Activity Reports with National, and report at Board meetings the Chapter’s current status in meeting Charter requirements.

Treasurer – maintain adequate Chapter financial records.  Present financial statements at each Board meeting and year-end, collect and deposit revenues, pay Chapter obligations, file financial reports with National HFMA, and make records available for Audit Committee.

Director Roles

The President will assign director responsibilities.  These responsibilities may include Program Chair.  Founders Awards record keeping, or Committee member to the Ohio Hospital Association Finance Committee.  Directors and Officers establish policy and vote on current Chapter matters, and manage Chapter affairs in accordance with the constitution and by-laws.

It has been the historical practice of the Chapter to administer a “ladder system” for Directors and Officers.  A Director spends three years at this level, then advances to the Officer positions of Treasurer, Secretary, President Elect, and President year-by-year in that order.  This seven-year process exposes the leader to all facets of the Chapter’s operations, and provides seasoned veterans in the role of President.

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