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McMahon-Illini Chapter

President's Welcome

Hello McMahon-Illini HFMA Members!

As our 2020-2021 Chapter Year came to a close, I am honored to take on the role as President of the McMahon-Illini Chapter for the 2021-2022 Year. I have learned a lot from Sara Palmer in her leadership over the past year, as well as the many individuals and volunteers that have led the Chapter over the years. This year will mark my 10th year as a member/volunteer with the McMahon-Illini Chapter, and I am excited to be on this journey with all of you!

There is a lot to look back to and reflect on over the past year; I am sure we have all experienced some loss, but I also know we have a lot to be thankful for. I would be remised if I didn’t express my gratitude to all the frontline workers, as well as the support staff, that continue to make our hospitals and health care providers the best in the country. The effort and sacrifice that you have displayed over the past year plus is nothing short of superhuman and for that I want to say, “THANK YOU!!!!”

Over this last year, our Program Committee tried to connect and provide education and content virtually. Kudos to Jessica Yard, and the entire Program Committee, for all of their efforts, and I am so proud of them for persevering and providing the hybrid meetings in early May! As I connected with people throughout the two days, I heard comments ranging from “It’s so good to see people again”, “This is one of the first in-person events I have seen”, and “The hybrid format is a great format”.

We’ve already started our planning for events for this upcoming year, and I know Kara McAdam has some great ideas for us to re-engage with our members. We’re still navigating through some uncertainty, but it has been a great opportunity for us to re-evaluate our programming and make sure that we are delivering great content to our members. Please be on the look-out for some Save-the-Dates for the upcoming Chapter Year.

Again, I want to let you know how honored I am to be the President for the McMahon-Illini Chapter this year, and I hope to see you all soon at an upcoming event!

Jared Heim, CPA, CHFP

President, McMahon-Illini