HFM Magazine: November 2019

Analyzing pre-payment and point-of-service collections efforts

Important learnings from a June 2019 HFMA Annual Conference intercept survey about how hospitals and health systems are making strides in proactively collecting patient payments.

HFMA August 15, 2021

Why hospitals should focus on improving the value of care in the cardiac cath lab

Web special: Healthcare finance leaders should be aware of care protocols that can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction while reducing costs, particularly in high-cost services lines. One such protocol is the use of transradial access for patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention.

Amit Amin, MD, MSc January 20, 2020

BESLER: Full-service Transfer DRG revenue recovery

BESLER talks about its Transfer DRG revenue recovery service that helps hospitals recover monies they have rightfully earned while maintaining compliance.

HFMA January 16, 2020

How healthcare providers can conduct a consumer-focused pricing strategy

The growth of consumerism in healthcare has made it imperative for healthcare providers to develop a pricing strategy that can help them achieve a competitive advantage among consumers in their markets.

Robert A. Dickinson, MBA December 16, 2019

Shake it up — it’s what healthcare leaders need to do to move ahead

The philosophies of two leading sports executives provide lessons for healthcare finance leaders on the need to take risks to be successful.

Michael M. Allen, FHFMA, CPA November 27, 2019

Strategy, technology and tactics for sustainable performance improvement

Results of a recent survey, in which hospital and health system leaders described areas where their organizations have the greatest need for performance improvement, point to four key strategic areas of focus for these leaders.

Kermit Randa, MHA, FACHE November 22, 2019

How one ACO leveraged universal truths of value-based contracting for success

A finance leader of successful East-coast accountable care organization describes the key factors that have enabled the ACO to thrive under value-based payment contracts.

Eric C. Reese, PhD November 18, 2019

Not-for-profit healthcare organizations should understand the benefits and risks of FASB’s new alternative accounting approach

A FASB Financial Accounting Standards Update now allows not-for-profit healthcare entities to adopt an accounting alternative previously available only to non-public business entities, but the not-for-profits may find it more beneficial not to do so.

Christian Heuer, FHFMA, CFA, ASA November 18, 2019

Acquisition accounting basics to consider

The FASB’'s Accounting Standards Codification Topic 850, Business Combinations, states that such combinations generally involve five basic steps.

Christian Heuer, FHFMA, CFA, ASA November 18, 2019

An 8-step checklist to help CFOs assess accounting alternatives

Finance leaders of not-for-profit healthcare organizations should follow eight steps when considering whether to adopt the accounting alternatives made available to their organizations by the FASB's Accounting Standards Update 2019-16.

Christian Heuer, FHFMA, CFA, ASA November 18, 2019
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