March 2017

Preparing the Healthcare Workforce for Value

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Data Center

Percentage Change in Insurance Coverage for Ages 18-64, 1997-2016 (PDF)
View the percentage of U.S. adults ages 18 to 64 who were uninsured or had public or private coverage between 1997 and September 2016, as calculated by the National Center for Health Statistics. 

Cover Story

Preparing the Healthcare Workforce for Value   
Healthcare leaders are taking various steps to ensure their workforces evolve to meet the demands of value-based care, but long-term solutions require collaboration across the spectrum of care.


Optimizing the Preauthorization Process     
Senior provider and health plan leaders examine the difficulties associated with preauthorization and offer strategies for how stakeholders can collaborate to optimize the process.


No Easy Choices—What Lies Ahead for Healthcare Reform     
An examination of the options for replacing the Affordable Care Act shows why authors of the next chapter of healthcare reform face such a complex challenge.


Progress via Collaboration 
Philadelphia-based Independence Blue Cross and Penn Medicine have collaborated with a venture accelerator to launch a slew of healthcare startups, learning key lessons along the way. 


One-Stop Shopping for Healthcare Services 
Leading health systems are reorganizing and consolidating their services to make it easier for consumers to stay healthy.


Hospital Acquisitions of Physician Practices—Put People First

Keeping the human component in mind can help the merging entities handle issues involving referrals, physician satisfaction, and compensation.

Leadership Perspectives

Driving Physician Engagement With Physician Leadership

At a time of potential turmoil in health care, organization leaders must be more mindful than ever of the need to earn consumers’ trust, writes Peter B. Angood, MD, the CEO and president of the American Association for Physician Leadership.