Financial Leadership

hfm Magazine: April 2017

March 31, 2017 4:00 pm

Cover Story

Measuring and Managing Patient Profitability 
Activity-based costing helps providers achieve profitability by enabling them to trace the consumption of resource expense through activities performed to deliver healthcare services to patients. 
By Gary Cokins, CPIM and Christie Scanlon, CMA

From the President’s Desk

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Expanding on thoughts in his April 2017 column in hfm, HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer talks about alternative payment models. 

HFMA Video Spotlight

The Cost of Care: ACOs, Medicaid, and Value-Based Care   
Ken Perez, vice president of healthcare policy and Omnicell, provides insight into the future of ACOs, Medicaid, and value-based care.  

Early Edition

How to Improve Up-Front Collections at a Surgery Center: One Health System’s Success Story    
After acquiring an ambulatory surgery center and converting it to a hospital outpatient department, an East Coast health system used an innovative, team-based revenue cycle approach to transform the facility’s up-front collections.
By Jeffery B. Dallas, Jr., MBA, CHAA

What Hospitals Should Look for When Acquiring or Partnering With ASCs
Once adversaries, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers can benefit more today under value-based care from partnerships or mergers than from head-to-head competition.
By Nader Samii

Managing Transitional and Chronic Care Profitably: A Guide for Hospital-Owned Physician Practices 
CMS offers an attractive incentive for healthcare organizations that participate in transitional care management and chronic care management programs.
By Cathy Zito and Joette P. Derricks

Healthcare Matters 

Running the Rapids of Today’s Healthcare Reforms
The possibility of legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act remains, despite the recent setback, so healthcare organizations should be prepared for the changes it might bring, including reduced Medicaid payment and increased charity care and bad debt. 
By Jeff Helton, PhD, FHFMA, CMA, CFE 

From the Editor 
Examining the Economic Impact of a Physician Shortage
The changing regulatory environment in health care adds even more urgency to a looming physician shortage that will continue to impact health care and its delivery over the next decade.
By Daniel R. Verdon


Case Study 

Leveraging Scale for Value in a Decentralized System   
A major initiative to bring University of California Health’s five campuses together as a system began with a successful revenue cycle project. 
By John D. Stobo, MD, Paul Staton, Nicholas Richardson, and Joe Sneddon

Case Study  
Improving Point-of-Service Collections 
A Colorado-based health system developed an innovative tool to better track and improve patient collections. 
By Joshua Cahn, Peter Johnson, MBA, CHFP, Kevin Driesen, Cheri S. Kane, MSA, FHFMA, FACMPE, and Laurie Hindson 

Next-Generation Investments for Today’s Healthcare CFO   
Two trends that anticipate the future of U.S. health care involve the emergence of hospital command centers and super-partnerships between providers and technology vendors. 
By Laurent Dubois, MSAE, Jeff Terry, MBA, FACHE, and Laura P. Jacobs, MPH

Focus Area

Maximizing Out-of-Network Payment for Patients with ACA Exchange Products 
Hospitals should take steps to ensure the receive the full payment to which they are entitled for out-of-networkpatients enrolled in health plans purchased on the Affordable Care Act insurance exchange. 
By Jennifer Rudenick Ecklund


From the Chair
Truly Thriving Requires a Little TLC   
When assessing the costs of health care, it is important to remember that “tender loving care” is inextricably linked with ‘total costs of care.” 
By Mary Mirabelli, FHFMA

From the President
Rethinking the Targets 
Healthcare leaders should focus value-based payment efforts on the areas with the greatest potential ROI. 
By Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA

Next Steps for Physician Leaders 
The future of healthcare delivery in the United States will depend on physician leadership, with strong support from administrative leaders. 
By Keith D. Moore and Dean C. Coddington

Business Intelligence  
Information Security Concepts  
The ever-changing IT landscape calls for constant attention to information security tools.
By Paul M. Perry, FHFMA, CISM, CITP, CPA

Healthcare Value  
The Future of Value
The move toward value remains a constant although the future of health care is uncertain.
By James H. Landman, JD, PhD 

Capital Finance  
Variable Rate Debt Amid Market Changes
It is important for healthcare finance leaders to know how much variable-rate debt and the types of such debt their organization can and should be carrying.
By Eric A. Jordahl, Marcelo Olarte, and Glenn N. Wagner


Data Trends 
The Importance of a Clean Hospital Room, According to Patients        
Medicare cost report data provide a means for assessing the effects of various factors on the quality of a hospital’s housekeeping services and how that quality affects patient perceptions.

Finance Manager Urges Organ Donations After Two Family Members Saved         
Karen Denko not only advocates for others to donate life when they die but she became a living organ donor to her niece when her kidneys failed.


Business Profile 

AvaSure: Using Video Monitoring to Improve Patient Safety and Achieve Cost Efficiencies        
Brad W. Playford, founder and CEO of AvaSure, discusses the value and benefits of virtual patient monitoring.


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