HFMA Enterprise Membership

Give your team the tools and perspective to drive organizational performance.

“The Enterprise Solution and our partnership with HFMA has been fantastic. I would say exceeding my wildest expectations.”

Ben Carter
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Trinity Health

Organizational membership in HFMA's Enterprise Solutions is designed to provide your team with the specialized tools, resources, and education that aligns with their career development goals and your unique business goals. 

Enterprise members include leaders with roles in strategic financial planning, training and education, talent development, patient access, and revenue integrity. These professionals leverage Enterprise member benefits to build staff competencies and drive organizational performance. 

HFMA has a member roster ranging from large multi-hospital systems to Critical Access Hospital (CAH) facilities and everything in between. Companies focused on providing solutions to the healthcare finance industry are also among our members as valued business partners. 

A membership for every type of organization.

Enterprise Solutions for Providers

Leverage the benefits of a Professional Membership for your entire team, including performance benchmarking and access to MAP Keys. MAP Keys are strategic key performance indicators that set the standard for revenue cycle excellence in the health care industry. 

Enterprise Solutions for Business Partners

Gain access to the expertise necessary to truly support your clients and grow your business. Earn the MAP Keys Compliant designation or take advantage of sponsorship opportunities that position you at the center of a qualified revenue cycle audience. 

Enterprise Solutions for Critical Access Hospitals

The challenges rural communities face are unique and so is this customized membership model, which includes access to industry-leading education, thought leadership resources, peer support platforms and the essential tools needed to keep up with the changing landscape. Learn more >

“HFMA’s Enterprise Solutions membership allows us the opportunity to engage, develop, and retain talent in a cost-effective manner. Our team level-sets knowledge by leveraging HFMA’s award-winning online education and embedding certification programs into employee development plans. At a time where discretionary spend is being scrutinized, this program allows us to bring together the best that HFMA has to offer in a way that positions us to optimize organizational results.”

Hugh P Chisholm, CPA, FHFMA

Vice President, Finance
Rochester Regional Health

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