Membership Upgrade

Changing your Enterprise Membership or Guest Account

Changes or upgrades to the following levels can be made from the My Membership section of your account when signed in.

Upgrade your status >

Upgrade your status at any time. Simply choose the member category that fits best, and your benefits will become available immediately upon enrollment and payment.

Maintain your membership >

Enterprise members who have left their organization can maintain their benefits by joining at the appropriate individual level.

Changing your Student or Professional Membership

Contact us by email at [email protected] or call (800) 252-4362.

As a student who has recently graduated, you can rely on HFMA to help you as you begin to make your mark on the world of healthcare finance.

If you’ve changed jobs or are going back to school full-time, you can keep your HFMA membership active by changing your membership level. Your level and accompanying benefits will change once your next dues cycle starts.