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Patient Friendly e-Bulletin: July 2018

Read the July 2018 issue of HFMA's Patient Friendly Billing e-Bulletin.

HFMA July 12, 2018

Address Patient Financial Risk in Pre-Service to Boost Revenue and Earn Loyalty

To improve patient satisfaction and decrease uncompensated care, educate patients on their healthcare expenses, benefit coverage, and payment options.

Kim Williams July 12, 2018

Colorado Healthcare System Increases Price Transparency for Self-Pay Patients

SCL Health shows self-pay prices in two ways—an average for a specific service and the range of prices charged in the past year. This helps set realistic expectations when prices are above average based on varying factors.

Lola Butcher July 12, 2018

Self-Pay Transparency in Colorado: What the Law Says

Colorado’s Transparency in Direct Pay Health Care Prices Act requires health facilities to publish online the self-pay prices of their 50 most-used DRG codes and the 25 most-used CPT codes.

HFMA July 12, 2018

Patient Access and Revenue Cycle Analytics: Perfect Together, Yet Often Ignored

Healthcare providers can improve patient experience, increase point-of-service payments, and reduce denials by raising visibility into eligibility and registration processes and using root cause analysis to drive corrective action.

Jason Williams May 10, 2018

Patient Friendly e-Bulletin: May 2018

Read the May 2018 issue of HFMA's Patient Friendly Billing e-Bulletin.

HFMA May 10, 2018

UAB Medicine’s Check-in Kiosks Please Patients and Improve Processes

Impressed with the patient-friendly benefits of check-in kiosks at its orthopedic clinic, UAB Medicine has expanded installation to most of its outpatient clinics. The kiosks speed registration, improve data collection, and increase patient payments.

Lola Butcher May 10, 2018

Patient Friendly e-Bulletin: March 2018

Read the March 2018 issue of HFMA's Patient Friendly Billing e-Bulletin.

HFMA March 16, 2018

5 Steps for Consumer-Friendly Payment Options that Raise Satisfaction and Revenue

Today’s hospitals rely more on innovative consumer-friendly revenue capture solutions because of increasing patient responsibility and the risk of non-payment. Providers benefit significantly from implementing technological and non-technological solutions that integrate with operational workflows to mitigate leakage and increase cash flow.

Stuart Hanson March 15, 2018

CHRISTUS Health’s Digital Check-In Process Receives High Patient Ratings

CHRISTUS Health introduced a paperless check-in process that received overwhelmingly positive patient satisfaction rates. Within six months of completing the launch, per-patient revenues increased by 5.9 percent, which more than covered the expense of the digital check-in technology.

Lola Butcher March 15, 2018
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