Capital Sources and Allocation

Health system leaders state their case for prolonging the moratorium on the Medicare payment sequester

Hospitals and health systems urgently need Congress to extend the freeze on the 2% Medicare payment sequester, industry leaders said.

Nick Hut March 25, 2021

How the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors are affecting credit ratings in the not-for-profit healthcare sector

At HFMA’s Digital Annual Conference, an analyst with Moody’s described the ratings agency’s approach to assessing the outlook for the not-for-profit healthcare industry and individual organizations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nick Hut January 22, 2021

HHS postpones deadline for hospitals to comply with Provider Relief Fund reporting requirements

With new legislation having modified the rules governing the reporting of Provider Relief Fund payments, HHS has indefinitely postponed the Feb. 15 reporting deadline.

Nick Hut January 20, 2021

How hospitals can preserve cash amid rising costs, crashing revenues brought on by COVID-19

The need to preserve cash is becoming more acute amid plummeting revenues and rising costs. Leaders and industry consultants are getting creative in search of solutions.

Lola Butcher April 22, 2020

Coronavirus leaves hospital financing in flux

Hospital’s long-term financing efforts have been disrupted by the coronavirus driving investors away from such offerings, say advisers.

Rich Daly April 1, 2020

Proposed accounting changes could bring costs, complications

A proposed accounting-rule change could increase costs and complicate debt initiatives for hospitals using a debt arrangement that was popular when interest rates were high.

Rich Daly October 16, 2019

Announced hospital M&A transactions, 2009 – Q1 2019

Hospital merger and acquisition announcements were at a 10-year low in early 2019.

HFMA October 5, 2019

Historical perspective on hospital financing practices, 1998-2018

The marriage of variable-rate debt and derivatives was certainly the biggest new development in hospital financing practice of the 1998-2008 decade and the one most likely to be carried forward over the next 10 years.

Peter W. Bruton August 31, 2019

Ask these 14 questions to help select the best underwriter for the job

Hospitals and providers who want to sell bonds in the public market should determine if their offering presents any challenges and develop a list of questions to ask of firms to find the best-suited underwriter for the job.

Errol Brick August 19, 2019

Successful Rural Hospital Surpasses Perceptions

A rural hospital CFO shares his organization’s capital finance strategies and plans to manage future change.

HFMA June 27, 2019
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