Capital Sources and Allocation

The Rise, Fall, and Possible Return of Variable-Rate Demand Bonds

Variable rate demand bonds, created in an inflationary environment, have waned in popularity but remain a viable credit source for hospitals and health systems.

Peter W. Bruton April 25, 2018

Elements of an Effective Healthcare Venture Development Process

Health systems should employ a nine-step process when seeking to develop venture investments.

HFMA March 2, 2018

Healthcare Venture Investing Strategic Considerations

Among the strategic questions healthcare venture investors should consider when contemplating an investment are its focus, level of risk, and likely performance.

David G. Anderson March 2, 2018

Additional Comments from Healthcare Venture Investing Survey Respondents

Leaders of healthcare systems share their organizations’ perspectives on venture investing.

HFMA March 2, 2018

Finding Healthcare Finance Reality in a Cloud of Possibility

Integrated risk planning enables organizations to manage variability and to succeed under an ever-shifting cloud of possibility.

David Ratliff March 1, 2018

Chinese Investment: An Opportunity for U.S. Healthcare Organizations

With a growing middle class and a desire for improved healthcare services, China is becoming a key investor in U.S. healthcare organizations, with the goal of bringing some of their practices and services back home.

HFMA February 23, 2018

The Impact of Tax Reform on Hospital Capital Financing

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law in December 2017 is expected to impact interest rates charged by banks to not-for-profit hospitals in direct placements and may steer some refundings to structures involving complex new risks. 

Pierre Bogacz February 23, 2018

The Increasing Importance of Strategic Capital Planning

Strategic capital planning can provide certainty amid a time of a large number of unknown external variables.

Kelly Arduino January 29, 2018

Terminating Swap Positions

Health system financial executives may want to consider whether they would terminate legacy swap positions in a higher rate environment.

Eric A. Jordahl November 30, 2017

How to Revisit Private Placement Debt

Hospitals should reassess the private placement debt they accrued in the recent constrained lending market to determine their best options now that the market has loosened. 

Kelly Arduino October 2, 2017
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