Capital Sources and Allocation

How to advance projects amid rising capital costs

What is the significance of rising capital costs for healthcare organization’s construction projects and how planning can account for it.

Kelly Arduino May 16, 2019

What Healthcare Innovations Are Drawing Investors?

Two major investment funds are increasing their funding of healthcare initiatives—with important caveats. 

Rich Daly May 6, 2019

Ask the Experts: Financing Construction Projects

For big construction projects—around $50 million—should we consider a fixed rate bond issue? Or is a bank loan a better option?

HFMA January 16, 2019

Capital Markets 2018 Wrap-Up and Trends to Consider for 2019

The healthcare sectors’ extended access to abundant, low-cost, and relatively low-risk capital will change in 2019, and tracking four key issues will illuminate how those changes impact capital finance.

Eric A. Jordahl November 28, 2018

Health Systems Share ‘Pearls of Innovation’

A recent investor conference featured presentations by 27 tax-exempt health systems. Common threads include quality and safety and consumer focus.

Edward Chadwick August 15, 2018

Health Systems Present at Investor Conference

Investors, bankers, and rating agencies learned about the priorities of 27 health systems during a recent healthcare investor conference. 

HFMA August 15, 2018

Effective Merger Integration Requires Focus on All Four Pieces of The Treasury Platform

To achieve a truly effective merger integration, careful attention should be paid to treasury operations and invested assets, along with capital management and external financing.

Eric A. Jordahl July 27, 2018

Communication is Key to Achieving and Maintaining Strong Bond Ratings

Six key tactics allow hospitals to maintain stronger ratings by communicating and building goodwill with rating analysts.

Pierre Bogacz May 11, 2018

hfm Magazine: May 2018

The May 2018 edition of hfm explores the healthcare capital market outlook, equipment replacement strategies, variable-rate demand bonds, and the drivers behind the total cost of care.

HFMA May 1, 2018

Why Age Is Not Enough: A Better Approach to Equipment Replacement

By considering maintenance and other costs, hospitals and health systems can work more efficiently to replace equipment.

Lynette Jasuta April 25, 2018
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