Finance and Business Strategy

Learnings from the Front Lines: Physician Co-Management at Columbus Regional Health

Given the success of its surgical co-management program and employee gainsharing arrangement, the health system is considering a similar program for the ED and is positioning the organization to take on risk-based contracts.

Dennis Butts September 13, 2013

At a Glance: What the Final Health Insurance Exchange Navigator Rule Means for Providers

Can hospitals and health systems serve as navigators or other assisters for the health insurance marketplaces? Here’s what the CMS final rule has to say.

HFMA July 31, 2013

HFMA Executive Survey: Hospital-Physician Affiliation

HFMA recently surveyed hospital CFOs and other senior-level executives about their views on physician employment and alternatives, such as clinical-comanagement arrangements, professional service arrangements, and joint ventures. Topics explored in the research, which was sponsored by McKesson, include projected business landscape, physician employment's role in value-driving efforts, and preferred models for physician performance management.

HFMA June 13, 2013

Tool: Physician Practice Assessment and Checklist for Optimization

Healthcare leaders can use this assessment tool to determine how to improve medical group efficiency and performance.

HFMA June 13, 2013

Providence’s Revamped Billing Statements Led to Quicker Payment

Providence Health System developed a patient billing statement that encourages faster payment.

HFMA December 19, 2012

Networking Events

Listen to past webinar recordings on consumerism, developing health service pricing, managing third-party liability claims, patient access, and more.

HFMA December 19, 2012

Ask the Expert: Patient Access Productivity Standards

A list of patient access productivity standards for revenue cycle leaders.

HFMA October 25, 2012

Ask the Expert: Patient Responsibility Estimation

Advice for revenue cycle leaders on approaches for estimating patient responsibility.

HFMA October 25, 2012

Ask the Expert: Setting Industry Standards for Call Center Activities

Advice for revenue cycle leaders on how they should establish standards for call center activities based on their specific processes.

HFMA October 25, 2012

Managed Care Ask the Expert Answer – Medical Cost Trends

Q I have a question that I am hoping you can answer. What is medical cost trends for the private sector in 2010? I know that the Costs were expected to grow 9.6% in 2009 compared with 9.9% in 2008.

HFMA October 25, 2012
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