Revenue Cycle

Financial Leaders Are Key Collaborators in Patient Access Restructuring

Finance leaders provide critical information and expertise in healthcare organizations that are looking to improve patient access.

Rik Baier July 31, 2017

Ask the Experts: Chargemaster Updates

Are members of the group assessing their chargemasters annually? What do they consider when deciding which charges to increase and by how much?

HFMA July 27, 2017

Ask the Experts: Stat Order Designation

I am seeking guidance on time frames that define stat orders, patient financial liability waivers for stat orders, and health system liability if patients wait to receive tests ordered as stat.

HFMA July 17, 2017

Partnering with Other Providers to Develop Community Needs Assessments

Four Milwaukee-area health systems are working together to complete federally mandated community needs assessments more efficiently. They partner with 18 local health departments to collect and analyze data that informs their local health improvement strategies.

Lola Butcher July 17, 2017

Let Data Drive the Design

Healthcare providers can use methodical statement design approaches to successfully engage patients in the billing process. 

Bryce Bruner July 14, 2017

Cone Health Overhauls Patient Engagement Strategy

New patient statements and a web portal helped Cone Health increase patient cash collection by nearly $13 million during a two-year period.

Lola Butcher July 14, 2017

Revenue Cycle Risks and Rewards in the Era of Value-Based Care

Physician specialty practices face the daunting task of recalibrating their revenue cycle management processes to optimize their financial performance under value-based care.

Charles Saunders, MD July 10, 2017

Forum Networking Webinar: Patient Financial Communications: Presbyterian Healthcare Services Case Study

A revenue cycle leader describes an award-winning patient financial communications program that includes processes for scheduled, unscheduled, emergency, and self-pay patients.

HFMA July 6, 2017

Yale New Haven Hospital Homeless Patient Screening Tool

Yale New Haven Hospital asks specific housing-related questions to determine whether patients are homeless.

Lola Butcher June 29, 2017

Bad Debt, Charity Care Contribute To Differences in Patient Revenue

Low margin hospitals may be receiving reduced payments from commercial insurance, which may contribute to their lower net patient revenues.

HFMA June 29, 2017
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