March 2018

Cover Story

How To | Analytics

Using Analytics to Design Provider Networks for Value-Based Contracts

Obtaining and analyzing the right data can help healthcare organizations thoughtfully and successfully plan provider networks with an eye toward value.

From the President's Desk

Expanding on thoughts in his March 2018 column in hfm, HFMA President and CEO Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA, talks about the importance of aligning organizational cultures when hospitals and health systems merge.

Video: Predictive Analytics and the Revenue Cycle

Paul Bradley, chief data scientist for ZirMed, discusses how predictive analytics can be used to find lost revenue, improve the patient experience, and increase patient satisfaction.

Early Edition

How To | Physician Practice Revenue

Optimizing a Physician Practice Acquisition

Thoughtful strategies surrounding physician practice acquisition can help set the stage for success.

How To | CMS and MedPAC Guidelines and Trends

The Future of VACs: Valuation and Strategic Considerations

Recent changes to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule may make it financially advantageous for vascular access centers operating under an extension-of-practice model to shift their operations to an ambulatory surgery center setting.

Column | MACRA

Debunking MACRA Myths: Hospitals’ Vital Role in Physician Success

Time is running out for physicians participating in the Merit-based Incentive Payment system to submit the minimum data required for 2017.


Case Study | Leadership

Improving Performance and Enhancing Innovation With Venture Investing: Perspectives From Leading Health Systems

Health system leaders describe their strategic approaches to venture investing and share the insights and perspectives that have informed those approaches.

Trend | Healthcare Business Trends

Recent Trends in Healthcare Philanthropy and Foundations: Implications From Activities in New York for the Nation

A study of foundation strategies of hospitals in New York State aimed at promoting philanthropy yielded insights for foundation activities of all U.S. hospitals. 

How To | Technology

Low-Cost Strategies to Strengthen Cybersecurity

The growing sophistication of hackers and their tools make healthcare organizations a prime target for cyberattack.

Focus Areas

Column | Healthcare Reform

Tax Reform Implications for Healthcare Organizations

Tax-exempt hospitals prepare for the impact of provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017, including the repeal of the individual mandate under the Affordable Care Act and changes to tax incentives for charitable giving.

How To | CMS and MedPAC Guidelines and Trends

Minimizing Readmission Penalties with Palliative Care

Hospitals that invest in palliative care programs may reduce readmission penalties.


Column | Leadership

Reach for the Heart: A Plea for Healthcare Finance Leaders

Healthcare finance professionals should use data to tell stories that resonate with listeners, including clinicians, on both a personal and an intellectual level.

How To | Innovation and Disruption

Culture Still Eats Strategy for Breakfast

HFMA/Deloitte research reveals the importance of cultural alignment to successful hospital mergers.

Column | Innovation and Disruption

The “Disruptors” Move Into Health Care

Healthcare joint ventures involving U.S. corporations, such as one announced by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan Chase, could significantly disrupt the nation's healthcare system.

Column | Consumerism

Increasing Consumer Engagement and Empowerment to Drive Value in Health Care

Trends toward increased consumer cost-sharing, consumer engagement, and calls for transparency have significant implications for U.S. hospitals. 

Column | Healthcare Business Trends

What the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Means for Health Care

The Tax Cuts and Jobs act will affect health care in various ways.

How To | Risk Management

Finding Healthcare Finance Reality in a Cloud of Possibility

Integrated risk planning enables organizations to manage variability and to succeed under an ever-shifting cloud of possibility.

How To | Technology

Real-Time Location Systems: An Underused But Valuable Source of Data

Systems that track the movement of equipment throughout a hospital also can be used to collect data on compliance, physician time, and other key areas that affect finance and patient satisfaction.


Column | Healthcare Business Trends

ALOS Analysis Reveals Significant Regional Variances

An analysis of average length of stay looking at U.S. hospitals identified noteworthy variation among states within each of four regions.


Trend | Patient Financial Communications

Best Practices for Improving Patient Collections

This article highlights a white paper that analyzes the results of two recently fielded surveys about the current state of patient collections and emerging best practices to improve performance.