April 2020

Cover Story

Trend | Enterprise Risk Management

Climate Change: Could it give rise to the next viral disease outbreak?

Health systems should continue to be be cognizant of the potential risks they face from global warming, which include not only more violent and frequent storms but also increased vulnerability within their areas to mosquito-borne diseases.


Article | Cost Effectiveness of Health

Why a focus on margin management is critical in a consumer-centric healthcare market

Providers that remain focused on service-by-service approach to care delivery will find themselves out of step with today’s consumer-focused healthcare system.

How To | Cost Effectiveness of Health

Hospitals have an opportunity to cull big savings from purchased services

The very real possibility of being able to reduce purchased services spend by 10% to 15% offers hospitals and health systems a compelling reason to pursue such an effort.

Research & Reports | Value-Based Payment

Survey: Providers have work to do on the journey to value

An HFMA survey sponsored by GHX found that the more revenue a healthcare organization has at risk in value-based contracts, the greater its capabilities for managing risk.

News | Costing Managerial Accounting

Hospitals and physician practices generally achieve ‘moderately effective’ use of cost data, according to a survey, which also identified more effective approaches

Although many healthcare organizations say they have achieved middling results in their cost accounting efforts, that could improve through widespread adoption of approaches identified as most effective.


Column | Leadership

When the bones are good: Healthcare industry challenges can be opportunities to grow

Healthcare finance leaders need to trust their principles, values and sense of taking care of each other in moments of doubt and fear, such as the current COVID-19 epidemic.

Column | Healthcare Reform

2020 will see healthcare policy mired in inaction

Political polarization has posed a barrier to Congressional action in important areas of concern in healthcare, and these areas will likely not be addressed until after the 2020 presidential election.

Column | Leadership Skills Development

How a time management audit can help leaders bring order to their schedules

Leaders can carve out a time management strategy by conducting an audit that examines their own duties, assumptions and preferences, writes Jill Geisler, HFMA’s contributing subject-matter expert on leadership topics.

How To | Cost Effectiveness of Health

How healthcare providers can avoid being at a disadvantage when negotiating risk contracts

Stratifying patients by risk helps finance leaders understand the cost implication differentials of shifts in utilization, giving their organizations a more solid footing in risk-based contract negotiations.

Column | Consumerism

Introducing a tool for improving the patient financial experience

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer suggests that the patient financial experience can be improved by taking a page from the Disney playbook..


Column | Staff Development

HFMA’s Western Region Symposium provides education on customer financial experience and the revenue cycle

HFMA Regions 10 and 11 combined efforts to host the annual Western Regional Symposium, which included a well-attended revenue cycle breakout session, with a focus on the patient financial experience.

News | Leadership

Members integrated into our latest marketing efforts

HFMA's marketing team is attending HFMA live events and capturing photos and videos of members and attendees in action.

Case Study | Staff Development

Critical access hospitals reap benefits of HFMA Enterprise Membership

HFMA’s Enterprise Membership program offers critical access hospitals vital tools and resources that their leaders and team members need to succeed in today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Column | Staff Development

Employment transitions: Where have some HFMA members landed new jobs?

Several HFMA members across the nation share their latest job updates with either new roles or promotions.


Business Profile | Value-Based Payment

How to Succeed in the BPCI-A Program: Transforming Care Across the Continuum

A strategy-focused article about the importance of robust care coordination and management for successful participation in alternative advanced payment models. Includes information from a recent meeting of HFMA’s Value-Based Healthcare Innovation Council (VBHIC).

Article | Claims Adjudication

MRA|Revecore’s AcciClaim boosts reimbursements for accident claims

A leading claims management company talks about how it streamlines the complex billing and follow-up activities associated with motor vehicle and workers’ compensation accident claims, driving revenue into healthcare organizations.

Executive Roundtable | Financial Leadership

Women in leadership: How 6 senior leaders are breaking down barriers

A roundtable of women executive leaders examines the difficulties women face in attaining senior leadership positions and discusses key strategies to overcoming these barriers.

Business Profile | Self-Payment Collection

Eliminating cost as a barrier to healthcare

An innovative financial services company talks about how it addresses patient payment pain points, offering patients interest-free payment arrangements without any fees and helping healthcare organizations improve self-pay collections without increasing domestic spend.