Winter 2020-21

Cover Story

How To | Population Health Management

Healthcare organizations prepare for sicker patients in 2021 due to deferred care

Healthcare organizations are bracing for a sicker 2021 patient populations due to pandemic-era disruptions in care, even as they scramble to prevent that outcome.


Article | Cost Effectiveness of Health

Lessons learned from the transition from volume to value

To effectively transition to value, ACO must fully grasp the success factors that will determine future success under value-based payment, including success with downside risk. A research study examined key organizational, financial, market and other characteristics that support the decision to take on risk.

How To | Value-Based Payment

Why effective maternity care requires an innovative, value-based strategy

An episode-of-care approach may be the best way to address cost variation in maternal care and promote partnerships across the healthcare continuum.

News | Innovation and Disruption

'This is what I’m able to do': New fund seeks to help address racial inequities in healthcare

Nashville-based entrepreneur Marcus Whitney has launched a venture capital fund that will support Black-led healthcare business endeavors.

White Paper | Value-Based Payment

Hospitals and health systems remain optimistic, overall, about APMs

An August HFMA survey, sponsored by GHX, found that, overall, hospitals and health systems are optimistic about seeing improvements in coordination and collaboration with partners in risk-based payment models over the next five years. The findings suggest organizations are moving ahead unabated in their value-based payment strategies.


Column | Leadership

'The Times They Are A-Changin' '

HFMA's Chair comments on the need for strong leadership through times of changes, citing Thomas Friedman's prediction of a coming "revolution inm edication and work."

Column | Coronavirus

Spillover effects of COVID-19 portend growing challenge for hospitals

Far more attention has been paid to the direct effects of COVID-19 on the healthcare system, including on hospitals, than to its indirect effects on hospitals, which include the impact on care other than COVID-19-related care.

Column | Leadership Skills Development

For leaders, a trying holiday season is no time for compassion fatigue

As national and global events add to the stress that many already feel during the holidays, leaders can do their part to give team members reason to celebrate.

Column | Leadership

6 questions about healthcare integration in the 2020s

The question about whether to integrate was answered more than a decade ago. The questions now are, “How do we take full advantage of integration?” and “What do we integrate next and how?”

Column | Coronavirus

Flu season, COVID-19 testing and chicken soup

Healthcare organizations should be prepared for the challenges of unprecedented flu/COVID-19 season, with a primary fiocus on encouraging people to get flu shots, arranging for appropriate testing, promoting habits that contribute to health and wellness and to demonstrating a true spirit of caring.

Column | Consumerism

The consumerism imperative in 2020: coming full circle

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer offers a perspective on consumerism initiatives in this pandemic year.


News | Denials Management

Inside HFMA: It’s time for healthcare providers to standardize denials performance measurement

HFMA’s Claim Integrity Task Force, in collaboration with business partners, set out to scope and define metrics that could be adopted industrywide for benchmarking.

Column | Staff Development

Region 2 hosts Fall Institute in first HFMA Regional virtual conference

An executive with Region 2, which held its Fall institute virtually this year, recommends focusing on sponsorship packages, funding and keeping in mind all the little things that need to be done to host a successful virtual conference.

News | Healthcare Business Trends

News briefs: December-January 2020-21: Recent trends shaping healthcare finance

Read about the key factors that have shaped healthcare finance policy and practice.

Column | Staff Development

Chad Thompson: Why earning and holding all HFMA certifications is beneficial

In this month’s People column, one member explains why earning any or all HFMA certifications is beneficial, one member shares the news of her published article in Nurse Leader magazine and two members announce new job titles.


Trendsetter | Healthcare Business Trends

Accessing insight, opportunities and resources to drive innovation in healthcare

Organizations should acknowledge and respond to existing and emerging trends as they navigate through the current public health crisis and also maintain longterm financial viability. Learn variations to successfully achieve innovation.

Research & Reports | Self-Payment Collection

Survey: Revenue cycle continuity is imperative during the COVID-19 pandemic

See the key takeaways from hospital and health systems’ leaders, who share their perspectives on COVID-19 and its effect on the revenue cycle during the HFMA Digital Annual Conference.

Executive Roundtable | Capital Finance

The importance of financial flexibility in today’s dynamic healthcare environment

Five revenue cycle leaders discuss financial strategies for healthcare organizations transitioning capital expenditures to operating expenditures.

Executive Roundtable | Supply Chain Management

Key learnings from the pandemic and plans for the future

Takeaway key lessons from a panel of executives who discuss how the first wave of COVID-19 impacted the acquisition and management of essential equipment and supplies.

Executive Roundtable | Patient Access

Lessons learned from 2020 HFMA MAP Award winners

Learn key takeaways from 15 revenue cycle leaders who shared performance at the HFMA Digital Annual Conference lessons learned around ways to strengthen and sustain revenue cycle.

Case Study | Cost Reduction

3 tactics for unlocking value in healthcare operations

Three organizations share their approaches and results from case studies they presented at the HFMA Digital Annual Conference around solutions driving improved operational and revenue cycle performance in healthcare.

Case Study | Patient Financial Communications

Revamping patient engagement and collections — digitally

Four companies presented 10-minute case studies at the HFMA Digital Annual Conference. Leaders from these organizations share the solutions of the case studies, which drive improved solutions in healthcare revenue cycle.

Business Profile | Telemedicine

Telehealth: Moving from stop-gap measures to an integrated care delivery model

With telemedicine on the rise, two senior leaders advise having proper denials prevention and response strategy, along with ideas on motivating physicians to participate in telehealth programs.