January 2020

Cover Story

Executive Perspective | Healthcare Business Trends

Hard truths about the state of the healthcare industry

HFMA's president and CEO, Joseph Fifer, provides a straightforward assessment of likely changes to come in healthcare in the 2020s and what healthcare executives should do to to prepare.


Trend | Healthcare Business Trends

2020 vision: What to expect in healthcare finance over the next decade

Healthcare industry thought leaders share their perspectives on trends and developments that are likely to have an impact on the industry in the next decade.

How To | Value-Based Payment

How to achieve best-in-class capability for value-based risk contracting

Health systems embarking on value-based contracting should give attention to three areas: understanding market profit pools, acknowledging inherent challenges in the health plan market, and developing the key elements that are essential for success.

Trend | Contracting

Why removing percent-of-charge provisions in managed care contracts won't address concerns about high hospital charges

Removing percent-of-charge provisions in favor of fixed fees would not remove the factors that drive price increases, nor would it reduce administrative hassles or decrease risk.


Column | Leadership

I dare healthcare finance pros to get ‘unstuck’ in 2020

Healthcare executives should keep two concepts in mind that can help them avoid getting stuck at any stage of their careers.

Column | Healthcare Business Trends

Growth in healthcare spending garners little attention

Healthcare spending in the U.S. as shown signs of growth in recent years, but the recent strong economic growth may be the main reason the trend has gained little notice.

Column | Leadership Skills Development

What leaders should know before having tough conversations about performance

Leaders can enhance their performance management skills if they know how to prepare for tough conversations with employees, then how to stay on course during the conversation and how to follow up afterward.

Column | Medicare Payment and Reimbursement

Maryland TCOC: A grand demonstration continues

As Maryland's Medicare Total Cost of Care priogram enters its second year, it It is a goodtime to revisit the program to understand its essential elements and implications for the nation's healthcare system.

Column | Business Intelligence

Evolving toward engagement: The recent history of patient segmentation

It’s no longer sufficient to classify a patient’s propensity to pay as “red, green or yellow.” To truly optimize collections, health systems should consider intelligent segmentation.

Column | Leadership

Realizing the economic benefits of a merger starts with integrating post-merger operations

After a merger, a healthcare organization needs to take specific steps to ensure that transaction delivers the intended economic benefits.

Column | Finance and Business Strategy

Why I'm on the cover: A message from HFMA's president and CEO

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer shares the story behind his appearance on the cover of the January issue of hfm.


Column | Staff Development

Region 2 Fall Institute offers educational sessions and new extras

Region 2 held its annual Fall Institute in October and summarized the successes of educational sessions, a favored keynote speaker and some new event additions to keep the conference easy-going.

News | Finance and Business Strategy

The new hfm is (re)designed to help you get what you need faster and easier

A new, next-level design makes hfm easier to read and more useful than ever.

News | Cost Effectiveness of Health

HFMA announces new event aimed at healthcare financial sustainability

HFMA announces the Financial Sustainability Summit, a national conference for healthcare executives designed to help the address the most pressing challenges facing health systems today.

News | Staff Development

Cerner staff builds expertise with HFMA Enterprise membership

As an HFMA Enterprise business partner, Cerner Corporation is extending the benefits of HFMA membership to its associates to expand their knowledge and give them tools to stay up to date with the revenue cycle industry.

News | Healthcare Business Trends

News Briefs for January 2020

Developments and trends shaping healthcare finance

Column | Staff Development

First Illinois Chapter past president accepts consulting principal role

HFMA First Illinois Chapter’s past president Dan Yunker has accepted a new role in the greater Chicagoland area. Plus, several professional updates on other members.


Business Profile | Productivity and Process Improvement

Time Study: Delivering time intelligence to health enterprises

An innovative technology company talks about the various ways healthcare organizations can use its centralized time intelligence platform to get a clear sense of how healthcare providers spend their time at work, using the insights to improve productivity and performance.

Article | Medical Necessity

Auth-DP software helps streamline prior authorizations to reduce denials

A leading revenue cycle technology company talks about how its innovative prior authorization software streamlines the process of checking for, obtaining and following up on prior authorizations, saving organizations millions in avoided denials.

Trendsetter | Cost Reduction

Capitalize on purchased services’ unusual suspects to enhance revenue

A transformative healthcare company outlines some conventional and unusual strategies for streamlining purchased services spend to expand margins and drive revenue.

Business Profile | Strategic Partnerships Mergers and Acquisitions

Getting the full value out of a transaction/acquisition plan

A practical article based on a November webinar by Grant Thornton LLP that discusses the four steps involved in effectively executing a transaction or acquisition and best practices for reducing costs and mitigating risk.