November 2020

Cover Story

Trend | Supply Chain Management

Reimagining the healthcare supply chain to bolster resilience and efficiency

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare supply chain leaders are considering new approaches to sourcing, inventory management, analytics and technology.


How To | Physician Compensation

How to apply a value equation in setting compensation for specialty providers

An effective value-based compensation system for surgical specialists should not only account for the physician’s service, quality of care and financial performance, but also the extent to which the physician exhibits high standards of citizenship.

How To | Analytics

Why healthcare organizations should consider implementing a data analytics center of excellence

A data analytics center of excellence combines the benefits of centralized and decentralized analytics structures, allowing healthcare organizations to harness increasingly powerful analytics capabilities.

Sponsored Content | Consumerism

Prioritization helps drive success in healthcare

A survey found that the most successful healthcare organizations are those that embrace consumerism and proactively seek ways to better meet patient needs.


Column | Leadership

‘It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)’

HFMA Chair Michael Allen considers the choices healthcare finance leaders can make in responding to the uncertainties posed by challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, in light of the words to a song by R.E.M.

Column | Healthcare Business Trends

6 common ground healthcare issues that may help in overcoming discord

In the nation's current political climate and the prevailing partisan divide, healthcare is home to six issues where there is political common ground that could lead to bipartisan solutions.

Column | Leadership Skills Development

How leaders can address defensiveness in the workplace to foster productivity and harmony

If not dealt with properly, defensiveness can affect both the workplace environment and a leader’s ability to manage effectively, writes HFMA contributing expert Jill Geisler.

Column | Leadership

Promoting a more diverse and inclusive healthcare finance workforce is everyone's job

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer discusses what healthcare leaders can do to improve diversity and inclusion in healthcare leadership.


Column | Staff Development

Arizona Chapter’s virtual Grateful Hour brings a welcome relief from the pandemic

HFMA’s Arizona Chapter discusses its Grateful Hour virtual get-togethers that include discussions, a meditation and practicing appreciation to help members cope with the pandemic.

Column | Staff Development

HFMA’s online Community continues to grow and evolve

The completion of HFMA’s major upgrade to its online Community platform just as COVID-19 pandemic was provided an improved networking experience and way to get answers to healthcare finance industry questions.

News | Healthcare Business Trends

News briefs November 2020: Trends in hospital volumes and margins, and other forces shaping healthcare finance

Read about the key factors that have shaped healthcare finance policy and practice.

Column | Staff Development

Fellner celebrates 50 years of HFMA membership and Borrego aims to earn all HFMA certifications

HFMA member Bernard Fellner tributes his involvement in HFMA for his career growth after spending 50 years with the organization. And member Fabian Borrego has to complete only one certification to become certified in every certification HFMA offers.


White Paper | Artificial Intelligence

How investment in AI for healthcare organizations has changed due to the pandemic

A business focused on artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare explains how COVID-19 has raised the bar in the utilization of AI and dives into the value of its use to be successful in a post-COVID future.

Article | Revenue Cycle Technology

Providing modern, adaptable Revenue Cycle Management technology

A healthcare technology company provides details about its adaptable revenue cycle management technology, which helps enterprise customers optimize financial performance.

Research & Reports | Patient Experience

Survey: COVID-19 profoundly affecting patient collections and financial assistance programs

This report focuses on key takeaways of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on patient collections at healthcare facilities based on an HFMA online survey for Digital Annual Conference attendees.

Executive Roundtable | Revenue Cycle Technology

Reimagining the revenue cycle today to benefit us tomorrow

In this executive roundtable, eight revenue cycle leaders share their insight on what new innovations the healthcare revenue cycle will see following COVID-19 and how the pandemic changed the ways in which revenue cycle leaders think about technology investment.

Research & Reports | Revenue Cycle Technology

Hospitals predict significant shifts in payer mix, revenue cycle operations post pandemic

In an HFMA conducted survey, 151 healthcare leaders answered questions about their projections for payer mix, consumer and employee experience strategies, revenue cycle IT budgets, electronic health record satisfaction and price transparency preparedness.

Podcast | Price Transparency

Deconstructing the CMS price transparency rule

By Jan. 1, 2021, hospitals and health systems must create and make public a list of standard charges for the top items and services they provide, per CMS. An executive discusses the challenges and opportunities this presents in this overview.

Article | Patient Experience

Optimizing revenue cycle solutions to engage patients and improve the patient experience

In response to patients’ poor billing experiences, one company is working with its healthcare partners to implement omnichannel communications to provide patients with a safe and convenient channel to pay for services in a method they prefer.

Business Profile | Enterprise Risk Management

Engaging in risk management to safeguard strategic priorities

As a hospital or health system, learn what it means to commit to anticipating, planning for and mitigating risks going forward, whether those relate to the COVID-19 pandemic’s continuing evolution or other large-scale events.

Business Profile | Cost Reduction

Unlocking the value in your medical devices can reduce costs and risk

A few leaders from one company review the ways their company provides financial savings for healthcare organizations — both operational savings and decreased capital spending on clinical assets — while reducing risk and improving provider and patient satisfaction.