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TruBridge’s RCM Product Suite helps healthcare organizations find solutions to poor revenue cycle performance

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Article | Financial Counseling

TruBridge’s RCM Product Suite helps healthcare organizations find solutions to poor revenue cycle performance

How do you help healthcare organizations navigate the biggest challenges in healthcare?

Many healthcare organizations struggle with achieving best practice revenue cycle performance and oftentimes can’t determine exactly what’s causing the issues. TruBridge specializes in a consultative and collaborative approach to first diagnose the root cause of poor revenue cycle performance and then make professional recommendations for improvement which could be any combination of people, process or product improvements. 

What advice would you offer to healthcare leaders when choosing among vendors?

First and foremost, the vendor should have a proven track of improving the exact problem or challenge. Second, the vendor should offer a shared risk contract that ties performance to payment. Third, relationships matter, so the vendor should operate as an extension of your operation.

What is some advice you can give providers for a successful implementation of a new product or service?

First, document the exact metrics or key performance indicators that need to improve prior to contract signing, and tie vendor contract terms to improving those specific metrics. Second, build your implementation around the metrics. Third, assign and empower an internal leader that can hold both parties accountable to achieve the goals set forth in the implementation plan. 

“The ability for the TruBridge RCM software to catch billing errors before the claim goes out the door is simply phenomenal, and the result is we are receiving payment in a record time frame for us. We generated $2 million in additional cash.”

—Tiffany Huston, director of Patient Financial Services at Door County Medical Center

Quick Facts

  • The TruBridge RCM Product Suite has been on the Short List since 2017, and our Accounts Receivable Management Service was added to the Short List in 2020.
  • 90% of peer reviewers agree they would recommend the service to a colleague.

About TruBridge

TruBridge is in the business of helping healthcare organizations of all sizes get paid faster and get paid more through a combination of people, products and process optimization. Our arsenal of technology-enabled RCM offerings ranges from revenue cycle consulting, end-to-end revenue cycle products, to complete business office outsourcing. With our HFMA Peer Reviewed® products and services, we have been helping hospitals, physician clinics, and skilled nursing organizations become more efficient at serving their communities for years. Today, more than 800 healthcare organizations in 49 States, trust TruBridge to help them to overcome the unique revenue cycle challenges they face every day. 

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