hfm March 2023

Revenue cycle edition

Cover Story

Collecting with compassion: Patient financial care is growing in importance

David Muhs, CFO of Henry County Health Center, is one of a growing number of health system leaders who believe more communication is better when it comes to telling patients what they owe.


Point-of-service collection goes better if the right strategies and tactics are employed

Improving point-of-service (POS) collection has long been a topic of discussion across healthcare organizations struggling to meet collection goals.

Hospitals require an integrated team approach to ensuring revenue integrity

Hospital and health system finance teams should not view payment audits and denials as being solely their concerns. Instead, these issues require an all-hands-on-deck approach.

Why improving patient throughput remains a high priority for hospitals

An acute care hospital cannot begin to be able to deliver cost-effective care if it lacks a fully coordinated approach for moving patients from admission to discharge.

Monument Health revamps its revenue cycle leadership structure for the benefit of patients and the organization

Formally incorporating clinical leadership within the revenue cycle has helped to engender best practices for financial clearance, Monument Health’s revenue cycle leaders say.


Aaron Crane: Cost effectiveness of health: What’s it going to take?

HFMA Chair Aaron Crane examines what will be required to improve cost effectiveness of health in the United States.

Jill Geisler: When leading a multi-generational team, avoid stereotypes

The secret to managing across generations is simple, say Jill Geisler. It’s about not stereotyping people by their ages. 

Ken Perez: 2022 midterms aftermath: Gridlock or bipartisanship?

Today’s divided government mirrors the nation’s sharply divided populace. But that does not mean a majority of voters will accept gridlock.

David Johnson: AI and the rise of human-machine collaboration in healthcare

The U.S. healthcare system is at the threshold of adopting an integrated care delivery and operational model that uses human-machine collaboration to optimize staffing, anticipate problems, eliminate administrative tasks, and prep caregivers on patients’ specific wants, needs and desires.

Dan Heckathorne: Healthcare CFOs need a guiding philosophy and a mantra

Dan Heckathorne, CFO of San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, discusses the key qualities that make a successful CFO.

Joe Fifer: Healthcare leaders require the courage to put consumers first

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer reflects on the importance of courage in leadership and how it has the quality of timelessness.


Chapter news: Meet HFMA’s newest chapter: Empire New York

Empire New York Chapter President Barbara Piascik explains why four HFMA chapters recently consolidated and how the change benefits members.

People: Brent Feickert joins Jefferson County Health Center as CFO

Brent Feickert is the new CFO at Jefferson County Health Center. Stacie Mason, Melinda Hancock, Cheryl Cornwell and Teresa Donohue also have new positions.

News Briefs: Healthcare industry disrupter CVS Health to shell out billions to buy Oak Street Healths


Infinx Healthcare: How to use analytics and automation to build an intelligent A/R strategy

Robust analytics driven by artificial intelligence can deliver actionable information that improves collections.

Parallon HCA Healthcare: New ways of working spur updated training, automation

In this HFMA executive roundtable, six healthcare finance executives for hospitals and health systems share how the changes they implemented during the pandemic are transforming their workplaces and driving them to rethink how work gets done.

How R1 RCM’s technology-driven solutions address health system challenges

Seeing challenges in labor shortages, shrinking margins and other complexities? Read details about technology-driven solutions in this peer review spotlight.

Jumpstart Capital: Creating a sustainable healthcare workforce demands innovative solutions

Healthcare staffing shortages are rising across every category of worker, and they are the healthcare industry’s top patient safety concern. It’s a situation that requires health systems to find new, innovative ways to recruit and retain talent and redesign work within their organizations.


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