hfm February 2023

Cost Effectiveness of Health Edition

Cover Story

Norton Healthcare and other health systems are making big moves to reduce health inequities

Health systems that are leading the way in addressing health inequities offer examples to other health systems that have held back from taking action.


Improving POS collections: Setting the stage for a positive patient experience

Point-of-service collection goes better for both the patient and the provider if the right strategies and tactics are employed.

How to support underserved patients through in-home care

Hospitals and health systems are looking outside the walls of their acute care facilities to raise the overlap level of care they are delivering to their patient populations.

How community partnerships can play a central role in reducing cost of care and improving health outcomes

Only through partnerships with other organizations in their communities can hospitals and health systems begin to reach populations that have long been difficult for them to serve due to socially imposed obstacles.

How healthcare providers can break down barriers to effective data governance

HFMA member Randy Albert says the concept of “Data Without Walls” can help hospitals and health systems make the best use of data and strengthen their analytics programs.

Healing our healthcare system starts with valuing our healthcare heroes

Martin Bluth explores how U.S. healthcare’s administrative leaders can cultivate an environment of trust that encompasses not only patients but also caregivers.


Aaron Crane: Improve collaboration and problem-solving skills to ignite cost-effective health

HFMA Chair Aaron Crane shares how collaboration and problem-solving can increase both your value to your organization and your personal satisfaction in delivering lasting improvement.

Susan Dentzer: How to design a national strategy to end the healthcare workforce crisis

The United States requires a national strategy for addressing the ongoing healthcare workforce crisis, which was exacerbated by COVID-19.

Jill Geisler: Resolve to upgrade your communication in 2023

Jill Geisler encourages healthcare finance leaders to resolve to be better communicators in the new year and shares tips for upgrading leadership communication skills.

Andrew Donahue: Why the nation could see major healthcare reform legislation soon

Contrary to common assumptions, Congress or the president might pursue major healthcare reform legislation in the next two years.

David Johnson: The end of traditional nonprofit healthcare business models?

The game for U.S. nonprofit hospitals and health system is changing to a new one centered on consumerism and value.

Jan Grigsby: A clinical background can give a hospital CFO greater financial acumen

Stephen “Jan” Grigsby talks about how his clinical background has given him deeper insight for driving his organization’s financial strategy.

Joe Fifer: Healthcare finance leaders require the courage to lead

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer reflects on the importance of courage in leadership and how it has the quality of timelessness.


Joseph J. Fifer receives HFMA UK’s highest honor

HFMA President and CEO Joseph J. Fifer received an honorary fellowship from HFMA UK. David Hughes and Steve Oglesby retire, while Kim Shrewsbury, Andy Zukowski and Rick Carrico have new CFO jobs.

News Briefs: 2023 brings a steep fee hike for No Surprises Act arbitration cases

Read a roundup of top news for healthcare finance professionals, published in the February issue of hfm.


How healthcare organizations are navigating the era of price transparency

As consumers deal with the impact of rising prices and interest rates, transparent and defensible pricing in healthcare has taken on even greater importance.

Professional Credit eases the collections process for both staff and healthcare consumers

Debt collections are often the last communication touch point a patient has, and health systems should ensure their business partner is representing the organization in the best possible manner. See how one company eases the collections process for staff and consumers.

How to meet your patients’ communication preferences and improve your bottom line

In this HFMA executive roundtable, seven health system leaders share their efforts to effectively engage patients and the lessons they have learned along the way.

TruBridge Complete Business O­ffice (CBO) solution brings financial stability to the revenue cycle

Is your healthcare organization looking for a way to reduce pressure, stress and time on administrative and financial management? Check out this company’s portfolio of solutions to stabilize revenue cycle operations and bring back time for your staff to care for patients.

Hospitals have options for effectively managing complicated reimbursements

Complicated reimbursements such as those related to motor vehicle accidents, Veterans Affairs and workers’ compensation claims may represent only a small percentage of hospital revenue. But when these reimbursements are written off as bad debt, as they frequently are, those numbers add up.


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