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Cover Story

Using data analytics to address SDoH

Only through the effective use of data and analytics can health systems begin to address the adverse impacts of social determinants of health on their communities.


Healthcare labor union activity gains steam, with consequences for hospitals and health systems

Unionization at hospitals is grabbing headlines, and it may be only a matter of time before the movement has a widespread impact.

Expert Reviewed

How CFOs can bring the rigor of finance to the call center

A health system’s call center can provide a powerful revenue impact if it is accessible to patients 24/7. But health systems need to address many strategic considerations when planning for such a function.


Solving the nursing crisis: 3 lessons learned from the COVID-19 experience

COVID-19 forced healthcare providers to consider problems contributing to U.S. nursing crisis, including regulatory issues and nurse burnout.


Dennis Dahlen: Are states losing patience with the pace of healthcare value transformation?

HFMA Chair Dennis Dahlen asks if the increase in regulation and oversight of healthcare providers is a sign that states are losing patience with the pace of value transformation.

Jill Geisler: 8 ways to lead a team, not a silo

Leadership expert and HFMA columnist Jill Geisler shares eight ways healthcare finance leaders can break down workplace silos to create high-performing teams.  

Andrew Donahue: 4 reasons results of the 2024 election won’t matter for healthcare

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, healthcare leaders should consider the forces that are likely to define healthcare reform.

David Johnson: Right-sizing physician training? The case for surgical mechanics

HFMA columnist David Johnson says no aspect of U.S. healthcare requires “disruptive thinking” more than surgical care, and the amount of training surgeons require.

Voice of Experience: CFOs need to be able to lead through chaos

Theresa Mouton, Western Region CFO for Steward Health Care, says CFOs who have broad oversight responsibilities are bound to experience chaos at times, and they have to love it.


Chapter News: First Illinois Chapter kicks off 75th anniversary celebration

HFMA’s First Illinois Chapter recently turned 75 and is marking the major milestone with a year-long celebration.

People: HFMA member Michael Bumann shares experience as Burning Man medic

Michael Bumann shares what he characterized as a transformative experience at 2023 Burning Man in Nevada. Yvonne Wigington and Chris Milligan have new jobs.

News Briefs: Medicaid DSH payment cut barely averted in September, still possible in November 

As published in the November 2023 issue of hfm, this roundup presents the top news stories for healthcare finance professionals.


AccuReg: The No Surprises Act: How healthcare organizations can create a winning strategy

Despite the complexities, complying with the No Surprises Act is not insurmountable. In this article, two AccuReg experts offer updates about changes to the act and solutions for hospitals and providers to create a winning strategy for compliance.

Kaufman Hall: Leveraging investments to strengthen resilience — Key insights

The approach health systems take to balance sheet and treasury management varies significantly. One company’s managing director dives into how organizations can take a balanced-scorecard method to investments using a tier system.

PMMC uses best-in-class solutions to help clients navigate the challenges of healthcare finance

Read some key insights from a company that helps organizations understand how to maximize their net revenue using strategy and consultation.

AGS Health: Why autonomous coding is having a moment in healthcare

Autonomous coding is growing in the healthcare industry, and the market is expected to reach $88 billion by 2030, up from $35 billion in 2022. Some expected outcomes of this include: Faster revenue cycle, less human intervention and improved patient satisfaction and care.

BlueSky: How healthcare organizations are tackling workforce issues in real time

Check out what a group of healthcare finance professionals said regarding workforce management issues including costs, candidate quality, contracting agencies and other issues that can impact a healthcare organization’s profitability in this roundtable discussion.


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