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Mayo Clinic CFO Dennis Dahlen preparing for his year as HFMA’s National Chair

Dahlen is expected to draw on his experience to help forge solutions during a daunting time for the healthcare industry


Care guidance offers a solution for addressing healthcare inequities 

Access to healthcare is widely viewed among Americans as being a fundamental right. Yet health inequities continue to deprive many Americans access to high-quality, affordable care. By implementing care guidance programs, U.S. health systems can take the lead in addressing this problem.

6 actions for physician practices on signing risk-based contracts 

Physician practices are continuing to make the move into value-based payment, and for many, such contracts will still present a substantial learning curve. 

Michael Giardina: Why promoting a fitness approach like CrossFit should be a goal for all U.S. health systems

Fitness and healthcare are inextricably linked in ways that might not seem so self-evident. But the link becomes clearer when one considers the relationship between fitness and health.


Dennis Dahlen: HFMA, it’s time for action!

HFMA National Chair Dennis Dahlen explains why it’s time for HFMA to double down as the leading voice in the transformation of healthcare and its financial management.  

Jill Geisler: Leaders need to master the art of strategic interruption

HFMA contributor Jill Geisler explains why healthcare finance leaders need to master the art of strategic interruption and shares six situations that call for it.

Ken Perez: 3 Strategic options hospitals can use to repair today’s negative margins

Following what has been characterized as the worst financial year for U.S. hospitals in decades, hospitals need to take strategic action.

David Johnson: The orthopod’s dilemma — Caught between the PE rock and the venture capital hard place

Historically, orthopedic practice groups have been fiercely independent. That is changing as private equity investors are acquiring practices at an accelerating rate.

Steven Berger: Reflections on ‘Voice of Experience’ words of wisdom, year 1

Key suggestions and insights shared by the eight hospital/health systems healthcare executives who are long-standing members of HFMA

Marcus Whitney: Banking struggles are limiting healthcare innovation

There has not been much ado in the healthcare world about the failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), but maybe there should be.  

Joe Fifer: A key takeaway from my long career

As he prepares for his retirement, HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer reflects on what matters most.


Inside HFMA: Ann Jordan named HFMA’s new president and CEO 

Ann Jordan, JD, begins her tenure as HFMA’s new president and CEO on June 6, to become the Association’s first female chief executive.

Inside HFMA: 100,000th member reflects on value of HFMA enterprise membership

In its 77-year history, HFMA has not seen a membership increase like that achieved with the introduction of the enterprise membership program.

Chapter News: Northern California Chapter’s new award honors outstanding women 

Northern California HFMA Chapter celebrates its 10th annual women’s conference by introducing new Woman of the Year Award. Aja Dright and Ramona Hernandez are the first recipients. 

People: Multiple certifications earned by 37

Thirty-seven members earned more than one HFMA certification during the first quarter of 2023. Susan Jennings and Tanner Wealand have new CFO roles.

News Briefs: The expiration of the COVID-19 PHE brings an end to key provisions

As published in the Summer 2023 issue of hfm, this roundup presents the top news stories for healthcare finance professionals.


Aspirion: Healthcare providers seeing more diagnosis-related group downgrades and ghost denials

Each year, tens of millions of medical claims will be denied by healthcare payers. One executive director led a session with more than a dozen attendees highlighting their experiences with DRG downgrades and lessons learned to help other organizations better measure, manage and successfully appeal these complex denials.

Oracle Health: Leveraging extensible technology to create consumer-centric healthcare ecosystems

Implementing new technologies can eliminate tedious tasks and open the door for more impactful work as well as provide patients with easier access to convenient scheduling, registration and billing options. Dive into this roundtable for additional insight on technologies progressing the industry.

Sage: How healthcare organizations navigate claims processing

View the results of a survey about claims processing and revenue cycle performance conducted with more than 625 healthcare leaders.


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