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2024 Health System Digital & IT Investments

This survey of 144 provider executives reveals their top digital and IT investment priorities for 2024 and associated challenges, opportunities, and goals.

HFMA November 29, 2023

Remedy for the 340B-Acquired Drug Payment Policy Final Rule Summary

HFMA presents a detailed summary of the final rule released by CMS describing its actions to craft a remedy relating to the adjustment of Medicare payment rates for drugs acquired under the 340B Program from calendar year 2018 through September 27, 2022.

HFMA November 20, 2023

Decoding revenue cycle management: Top coding questions providers ask

Quality coding is vital to a healthy revenue stream. Each member of the coding team must possess the skills and knowledge necessary to capture detailed and precise information regarding patient encounters, procedures, diagnoses and treatments. Because incorrect coding falls under the “fraud and abuse” category of the American Medical Association’s Principles of CPT Coding, penalties can…

HFMA November 13, 2023

Research Summary: 2024 Digital & IT Investment Trends

HFMA, with sponsorship from Guidehouse, surveyed 144 healthcare executives to understand their digital and IT investment priorities going into 2024. The survey found that 85% expected their organization’s digital and technology budget to increase in 2024. The top three priorities for investment included: cybersecurity infrastructure, EHR integration and modernization, and digital front door or virtual…

HFMA November 13, 2023

PMMC uses best-in-class solutions to help clients navigate the challenges of healthcare finance

Read some key insights from a company that helps organizations understand how to maximize their net revenue using strategy and consultation.

HFMA October 31, 2023

Leveraging investments to strengthen resilience: Key insights

The approach health systems take to balance sheet and treasury management varies significantly. One company's managing director dives into how organizations can take a balanced-scorecard method to investments using a tier system.

HFMA October 31, 2023

How healthcare organizations are tackling workforce issues in real time

Check out what a group of healthcare finance professionals said regarding workforce management issues including costs, candidate quality, contracting agencies and other issues that can impact a healthcare organization’s profitability in this roundtable discussion.

HFMA October 31, 2023

The No Surprises Act: How healthcare organizations can create a winning strategy

Find a breakdown of the No Surprises Act in this business profile with an update on four main administrative requirements of the bill and insight to improve hospitals and healthcare systems using technology for future regulatory changes.

HFMA October 30, 2023

HFMA Comments on Federal Independent Dispute Resolution Process Fees Proposed Rule

HFMA presents its comment letter on CMS’ Federal Independent Dispute Resolution Process Fees Proposed Rule.

HFMA October 26, 2023

Reimagining healthcare accounts payable: Using automation to pivot from ‘cost center’ to ‘revenue generator’

Learn how accounts payable automation has become one of the leading ways healthcare finance leaders can reduce costs and optimize spend.

HFMA October 25, 2023