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The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) recognizes that its strength lies in volunteers, who contribute their time, ideas, and energy to serve the healthcare industry, their profession, and one another. Active participation in HFMA at the national, regional and/or chapter levels provides members with numerous opportunities for professional development, information, networking, and advocacy. Established in 1960, the Founders Merit Award Series acknowledges the contributions made by HFMA members. These awards are part of a merit-rating plan in which specific activities are assigned a range of point values.

The Founders Merit Award Series was revised in April 2004, returning to its core purpose of “Recognizing the Volunteer in You“. Point categories were adjusted to reflect volunteer activity only – eliminating the accumulation of points for membership and educational attendance. Corresponding point allocations and award levels were simultaneously adjusted.

HFMA encourages continuous active participation at the local and national levels. Therefore, the point system and award levels have been established to promote continuous active participation in HFMA.

The Awards

  • The Founders Medal of Honor was added in 1986 and is conferred by nomination of the Chapter Board of Directors. This prestigious award recognizes an individual who has been actively involved in HFMA for at least three years after earning the Muncie Gold Award, has provided significant service at the chapter, regional and/or national level in at least two of those years, and remains a member in good standing. A chapter may nominate members for this award at any time during the year.
  • The Frederick T. Muncie Gold Award is presented to a member who has earned a total of 75 (formerly 300) member points. This award honors Frederick T. Muncie, an organizing member of the AAHA, and the first president of the association (1947-1949). Muncie also assisted in the organization of the first AAHA chapter (First Illinois).
  • The Robert H. Reeves Silver Award is awarded to an individual who has earned 50 (formerly 200) total member points. Reeves, an organizing member of the AAHA, was elected president of AAHA in 1956 and was instrumental in creating the structure of AAHA.
  • The William G. Follmer Bronze Award is awarded after an individual has earned 25 (formerly 100) member points. This award is named after William G. Follmer, who is credited with the creation of the American Association of Hospital Accountants (AAHA) (now HFMA).

**Chapter members can view their Founders points on the HFMA National web site under Manage My Account in their personal profiles through the membership directory area. Any discrepancies between points awarded and points earned should be reported to the Chapter’s Founders Award Chairperson.

Each award is a plaque appropriately engraved for the recipient. Members who are recipients are:

Deb SchoenthalerMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Rosemary Rotty, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2022
Garrett GillespieMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2022
Beth O’TooleMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2020
Michael J. Koziol, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2019
Jeanne M. Schuster, JD, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2019
Timothy C. Hogan, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
Roger C. BoucherMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
Deborah J. Wilson, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
Janet S. Hodgdon, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2016
Richard M. WichmannMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2015
Gary A. RosenbergMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2015
Jeffrey S. Dykens, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2015
Domenic F. Delmonico, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2014
Roberta S. ZysmanMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2014
Stephen J. GuimondMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Jeffrey L. Heidt, Esq.Massachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
John C. Shaver, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Michael P. Connelly, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2012
Gerard A. VittiMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2011
Robert M. Valletta, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2011
Marvin M. Berkowitz, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2010
Mark E. Toso, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2009
Kathleen J. MaherMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2009
Douglas J. McGregor, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2009
Marc A. Proto, FHFMA, MBAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2009
Ann B. Chiodini, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2008
David G. Dillon, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2008
James L. Heffernan, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2008
John D. Reardon, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2008
Elliot L. SchwartzMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2008
Lynn WiatrowskiMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2008
Gail L. Schlesinger, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
James G. Sullivan, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
Carolyn Jacoby Gabbay, Esq.Massachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
Edward F. Kennedy, Jr.Massachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
Peter R. LeoneMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
Lawrence McManus, FHFMA,CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
Daniel J. PhillipsMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
Laurie M. Nelle, FHFMA, MBARhode Island Chapter2003
Gerald F. O’Neill, FHFMARhode Island Chapter2001
Michael F. Ruff, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2001
Anthony E. Slabacheski, Sr.Massachusetts Chapter2001
Howard M. DuludeRhode Island Chapter2001
Harold E. Steeves, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter2000
Paul A. Vielkind, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2000
Anthony P. ReisMassachusetts Chapter2000
Robert J. Ellertsen, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1999
William A. Felske, IIIRhode Island Chapter1999
Raymond J. Cisneros, FHFMA, CPAMetropolitan Philadelphia Chapter1999
Joseph V. Elia, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1998
Thomas A. ZubrickiMassachusetts Chapter1998
Thomas LenkowskiNew Hampshire-Vermont Chapter1998
Joseph D. Clancy, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1991
Ursula M. Goerigk, CLMMassachusetts Chapter1990
David L. HansonMassachusetts Chapter1990
Joseph P. McCue, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1989
Allen A. Krause, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1989
Annamarie Monks, CHFPMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Kimberly Carlozzi, CSMCMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Linda Burns, MBA, MHAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2022
David TolleyMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2022
Nan JonesMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2020
Linda Guerra, MBAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2020
Melissa GergelMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2020
William Wyman, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2020
Deb SchoenthalerMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2020
Francis E. Byrne, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2019
Garrett G. Gillespie, Esq.Massachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
Miriam G. JostMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
Rosemary W. Rotty, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
Beth O’TooleMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2016
David S. SzaboMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2015
Deborah J. Wilson, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2014
Timothy C. Hogan, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2014
Anne M. FarmerMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Roger C. BoucherMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Christopher C. Boutin, FHFMA, CPA.CITPMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2012
Jeffrey S. Dykens, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2012
Richard M. WichmannMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2012
Roberta S. ZysmanMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2011
Gary A. RosenbergMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2011
Mark J. RichMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2011
John C. Shaver, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2009
Janet S. Hodgdon, CPANew Hampshire-Vermont Chapter2009
Domenic F. Delmonico, FHFMA,CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2009
Gerard A. VittiMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2008
Michael P. Connelly, Sr., CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2008
Douglas J. McGregor, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
Marc A. Proto, FHFMA, MBAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
Mark E. Toso, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2006
Jeffrey L. Heidt, EsqMassachusetts Chapter2006
Ann B. Chiodini, FHFMA, CPARhode Island Chapter2005
John D. Reardon, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter2005
Joseph E. Ciccolo, Jr., CPAMassachusetts Chapter2005
Richard J. RizzaNew Hampshire-Vermont Chapter2004
Kathleen J. MaherMassachusetts Chapter2004
David G. Dillon, FHFMA, CPARhode Island Chapter2004
Eugene J. McCueMassachusetts Chapter2003
Marvin M. Berkowitz, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter2003
Edward F. Kennedy, Jr.Massachusetts Chapter2002
Peter R. LeoneMassachusetts Chapter2002
James G. Sullivan, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2002
James T. KirkpatrickMassachusetts Chapter2002
James C. PuiiaMaine Chapter2001
Mark A. GronbergMassachusetts Chapter2000
James L. Heffernan, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter2000
Stephen J. GuimondMassachusetts Chapter2000
Daniel J. PhillipsMassachusetts Chapter2000
Laurie M. Nelle, FHFMA, MBARhode Island Chapter2000
Robert M. Valletta, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1999
Peter C. GeorgeopoulosMassachusetts Chapter1999
Gail L. Schlesinger, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1999
Lynn WiatrowskiMassachusetts Chapter1999
Michael F. Ruff, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1998
Howard M. DuludeRhode Island Chapter1998
Paul D. Finnegan, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1998
Michael F. DeSocioMassachusetts Chapter1997
Gerald F. O’Neill, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1997
Elliot L. SchwartzMassachusetts Chapter1996
William A. Felske, IIIRhode Island Chapter1996
Lawrence McManus, FHFMA,CPAMassachusetts Chapter1995
Asher E. Kramer, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1995
Douglas D. MuehlbergWisconsin Chapter1995
Robert J. Ellertsen, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1994
Michael E. Conklin, Jr., CPAMassachusetts Chapter1994
Lawrence E. SeckMassachusetts Chapter1994
John J. ZubaMassachusetts Chapter1992
Thomas A. ZubrickiMassachusetts Chapter1992
Brian F. DealyMassachusetts Chapter1991
Carolyn Jacoby Gabbay, Esq.Massachusetts Chapter1990
Joseph V. Elia, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1990
Thomas LenkowskiNew Hampshire-Vermont Chapter1990
Anthony E. Slabacheski, Sr.Massachusetts Chapter1989
David L. HansonMassachusetts Chapter1985
Joseph D. Clancy, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1984
Paul A. Vielkind, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1983
Harold E. Steeves, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1982
Ursula M. Goerigk, CLMMassachusetts Chapter1982
Joseph P. McCue, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1981
Allen A. Krause, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1980
Anthony P. ReisMassachusetts Chapter1979
Raymond J. Cisneros, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1979
Joseph A. GagnonWisconsin Chapter1977
William J. GrahamWisconsin Chapter1974
Niobis QueiroMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Emily Anne Jacobstein, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Paul FitzpatrickMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Dhara Satija, CRCRMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Karen KinsellaMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Kimberly Carlozzi, CSMCMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Patrick McDonoughMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Ross “Rick” MarkelloMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2022
Karen GranoffMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2022
Jolan LaibsonMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2021
Gary JankoMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2021
Annamarie Monks, CHFPMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2020
David TolleyMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2020
Michael R. Hachey, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2019
Robert G. Nelson, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2019
Nan M. JonesMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
Deborah D. SchoenthalerMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
William F. Wyman, IV, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
Sheila A. Harrington, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2016
Linda A. Burns, MBA, MHAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2016
E. Jill Barton, FHFMA, CSBI, CSPPMMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2015
Karl BakerMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2015
Jill I. Batty, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2015
Karen L. Rosania, CHFPMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2015
Judy E. Johnson, CHFP, CRCRMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2014
Karen M. Bowden, RHIAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2014
Rosemary W. Rotty, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2014
Beth O’TooleMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2014
John S. MinichielloMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2014
Garrett G. GillespieMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2014
John T. Randolph, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Linda J. Guerra, MBAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Deborah J. Wilson, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Roger C. BoucherMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2012
Timothy C. Hogan, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2012
Joseph A. Macdonald, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2011
Robert F. MahoneyMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2011
Jeffrey S. Dykens, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2010
Francis E. Byrne, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2010
Paul T. BreslinMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2010
Thomas L. SloweyMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2010
Jeanne M. SchusterMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2010
Miriam G. JostMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2010
Allen S. Danis, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2009
J. Mark WaxmanMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2009
Janet S. Hodgdon, CPANew Hampshire-Vermont Chapter2008
Christopher C. Boutin, FHFMA, CPA.CITPMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2008
Roberta S. ZysmanMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2008
Anne M. FarmerMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2008
Helynne B. WinterMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
Richard M. WichmannMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
Marc A. Proto, FHFMA, MBARhode Island Chapter2006
David A. LonardoRhode Island Chapter2006
Gerard A. VittiMassachusetts Chapter2006
Andrea T. SullivanMassachusetts Chapter2006
Gail E. Robbins, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2006
Michael P. Connelly, Sr., CPAMassachusetts Chapter2005
Ann B. Chiodini, FHFMA, CPARhode Island Chapter2004
Richard E. Jeffcote, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter2004
Domenic F. Delmonico, FHFMA,CPARhode Island Chapter2004
George W. FittonMassachusetts Chapter2004
Richard W. SilveriaMassachusetts Chapter2004
Nadeen G. LaFleurRhode Island Chapter2004
Joseph T. Jordan, CCCEMassachusetts Chapter2004
Mark E. Toso, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2003
Lester A. ForgitMassachusetts Chapter2003
Joseph E. Ciccolo, Jr., CPAMassachusetts Chapter2003
Melissa Rose GergelMassachusetts Chapter2003
James A. GriswoldMassachusetts Chapter2003
Douglas J. McGregor, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2003
Mark J. RichMassachusetts Chapter2003
Frank M. Bahl, FHFMA, CPA, MBAFlorida Chapter2002
Kathleen J. MaherMassachusetts Chapter2002
Paul E. Dona, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter2002
John D. Reardon, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter2001
Michael D. PalmerMassachusetts Chapter2001
Philip J. Devine, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2001
Linda A. Bodenmann, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2001
Christopher M. Attaya, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter2001
David G. Dillon, FHFMA, CPARhode Island Chapter2001
Mark J. BlassMassachusetts Chapter2000
Timothy J. Walsh, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter2000
Jeffrey M. Lieberman, FHFMAFirst Illinois Chapter2000
Ronald P. LaFleurMassachusetts Chapter2000
Jeffrey L. Heidt, EsqMassachusetts Chapter2000
Paul A. Beaudoin, FHFMARhode Island Chapter2000
Gary A. RosenbergMassachusetts Chapter1999
Marvin M. Berkowitz, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1999
Thomas C. Pearson, FHFMA, CPARhode Island Chapter1999
James G. Sullivan, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1999
Charles T. Yagar, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1999
Laurie M. Nelle, FHFMA, MBARhode Island Chapter1998
Robert Carriere, CPA ABV CVAMassachusetts Chapter1998
Maryalice M. Kenney, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1998
Robert W. PachecoRhode Island Chapter1998
John C. Shaver, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1998
Richard J. RizzaMassachusetts Chapter1997
Daniel J. PhillipsMassachusetts Chapter1997
James K. Winning, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1996
James L. Heffernan, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1996
Gail L. Schlesinger, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1996
Lynn WiatrowskiMassachusetts Chapter1996
Howard M. DuludeRhode Island Chapter1996
James C. PuiiaMaine Chapter1995
James T. KirkpatrickMassachusetts Chapter1995
Michael F. Ruff, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1995
Michael J. RyanRhode Island Chapter1994
Michael F. DeSocioNew Hampshire-Vermont Chapter1994
Edward F. Kennedy, Jr.Massachusetts Chapter1994
Peter R. LeoneMassachusetts Chapter1994
Gerald F. O’Neill, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1994
Robert M. Valletta, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1994
Elliot L. SchwartzMassachusetts Chapter1993
Lawrence McManus, FHFMA,CPAMassachusetts Chapter1993
Asher E. Kramer, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1992
Robert J. Ellertsen, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1991
Michael E. Conklin, Jr., CPAMassachusetts Chapter1991
Mark A. GronbergMassachusetts Chapter1990
Thomas A. ZubrickiMassachusetts Chapter1990
William A. Felske, IIIRhode Island Chapter1989
Brian F. DealyMassachusetts Chapter1988
Paul D. Finnegan, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1988
Lawrence E. SeckMassachusetts Chapter1988
Joseph V. Elia, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1987
Carolyn Jacoby Gabbay, Esq.Massachusetts Chapter1987
Douglas D. MuehlbergWisconsin Chapter1987
Stephen J. GuimondMassachusetts Chapter1986
Thomas LenkowskiNew Hampshire-Vermont Chapter1986
Anthony E. Slabacheski, Sr.Massachusetts Chapter1986
John J. ZubaRhode Island Chapter1986
Peter C. GeorgeopoulosNew Hampshire-Vermont Chapter1985
David L. HansonMassachusetts Chapter1982
Ursula M. Goerigk, CLMMassachusetts Chapter1979
Harold E. Steeves, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1979
Raymond J. Cisneros, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1977
Allen A. Krause, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1976
Eugene J. McCueMassachusetts Chapter1976
Anthony P. ReisMassachusetts Chapter1974
Paul A. Vielkind, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1974
Joseph A. GagnonMassachusetts Chapter1973
Joseph P. McCue, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1973
Joseph D. Clancy, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1971
William J. GrahamMassachusetts Chapter1969
Donna SchneiderMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Angela ConfoeyMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Jenny Davies, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Julie Hall, CRCRMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Meri Horowitz, CPA, CSMC, CRCRMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Radha Radhakrishna, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2023
Jonathan MossMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2022
Dhara SatijaMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2022
Karen KinsellaMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2021
Robert Feldman, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2021
Emily Anne JacobsteinMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2021
Joanna KroonMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2021
Kimberly Carlozzi, CSMCMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2020
Erik LynchMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2020
Richard RussoMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2020
Eric SchwartzMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2020
Jennifer SamarasMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2020
Kate StewartMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2019
Patrick J. McDonoughMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2019
Craig Nesta, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2019
Amy M. Guay, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2019
David C. Tolley, Esq.Massachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
Rosemary R. SheehanMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
Sean D. MurphyMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2016
Karen GranoffMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2016
Paul D. Fitzpatrick, Jr.Massachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2016
Joseph Lopatosky, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2016
Krista L. KatsapetsesMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2016
Michael R. Souza, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2015
Roger PriceMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2015
Steven P. Davis, FHFMA, MBAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2015
Phillip K. Harker, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2014
Jonathan B. RichmanMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2014
Jeffrey D. SyrekMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2014
James K. BarryMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Ames RybaMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Lori L. BurgielMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Nan M. JonesMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Stephen J. Doneski, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Jan L. CostaMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
John P. DroneyMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
James J. KenneyMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Beth O’TooleMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2012
Garrett G. GillespieMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2012
Deborah D. SchoenthalerMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2012
William F. Wyman, IV, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2012
John S. MinichielloMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2011
Gary M. JankoMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2011
Dennis W. ChalkeMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2011
Karl BakerMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2011
Roger C. BoucherMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2010
Deborah J. Wilson, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2010
Rosemary W. Rotty, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2010
Linda A. Burns, MBA, MHAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2010
Karen Marie Bowden, RHIAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2010
Timothy C. Hogan, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2009
Linda J. Guerra, MBAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2009
Nan M. JonesMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2008
Francis E. Byrne, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2008
Diane McClellan, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2008
Kathleen A. Kenny, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2008
Catherine J. Golas, CHFPMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
Jeffrey S. Dykens, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
Michael C. DonahueMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
Mary A. MacIntoshMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
Joseph A. Macdonald, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2007
Karen L. Rosania, CHFPMassachusetts Chapter2006
Joel P. GardinerMassachusetts Chapter2006
Michael E. Gallagher, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2006
E. Jill Barton, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter2006
Roberta S. ZysmanMassachusetts Chapter2006
William A. WheelerMassachusetts Chapter2006
J. Mark WaxmanMassachusetts Chapter2006
Michelle D. Tetreault, CPARhode Island Chapter2006
Timothy P. O’ConnorMassachusetts Chapter2006
Judith A. Berlin, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2005
Michael L. Connors, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2005
Sheila A. Harrington, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2005
James E. MurphyMassachusetts Chapter2005
Matthew D. O’BrienMassachusetts Chapter2005
Edith PeterMassachusetts Chapter2005
John T. Randolph, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2005
Sheila V. SouzaMassachusetts Chapter2005
Joseph J. Shola, FHFMA, MBAMassachusetts Chapter2004
Jeanne M. SchusterMassachusetts Chapter2004
Marc A. Proto, FHFMA, MBARhode Island Chapter2004
Charlene A. MillsMassachusetts Chapter2004
Peter K. Markell, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2004
Thomas P. Igoe, CPARhode Island Chapter2004
Edward L. Dudley, III, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter2004
Robert L. CrosbyMassachusetts Chapter2004
Paul L. Chausse, Sr.Massachusetts Chapter2004
Linda A. Amoriggi-MelisMassachusetts Chapter2004
David P. WassermanMassachusetts Chapter2004
Richard J. SmithMassachusetts Chapter2004
David P. RoyMassachusetts Chapter2003
John J. O’LearyMassachusetts Chapter2003
Keith C. McLean-Shinaman, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2003
David A. LagasseMassachusetts Chapter2003
Kevin J. KildayMassachusetts Chapter2003
Carl E. HollandMassachusetts Chapter2003
Janet S. Hodgdon, CPANew Hampshire-Vermont Chapter2003
Michael J. CofoneMassachusetts Chapter2003
Paul T. BreslinMassachusetts Chapter2003
Diane M. Whalen, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter2003
Gerard A. VittiMassachusetts Chapter2003
Randy F. Doherty, Jr., CPAMassachusetts Chapter2002
Anne M. FarmerMassachusetts Chapter2002
Miriam G. JostMassachusetts Chapter2002
Jean D. Lefebvre, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter2002
David A. LonardoSouthern California Chapter2002
Ross J. MarkelloMassachusetts Chapter2002
Robert G. Nelson, FHFMA,CPAMassachusetts Chapter2002
Richard G. Palumbo, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2002
Andrea T. SullivanMassachusetts Chapter2002
Pamela Zagorski, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter2002
Peter J. CerianiMassachusetts Chapter2002
Michael P. Connelly, Sr., CPAMassachusetts Chapter2002
Roger A. Levine, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2001
Conrad P. LetourneauMassachusetts Chapter2001
May R. Krakowiak, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2001
Lee J. KauffmanFirst Illinois Chapter2001
Joseph F. IannoniMassachusetts Chapter2001
Jeffrey R. HulburtMassachusetts Chapter2001
Gordon H. Boudrow, Jr.Massachusetts Chapter2001
Michael J. DiTerlizziMassachusetts Chapter2001
George ConduragisMassachusetts Chapter2001
Frank A. WesolowskiMassachusetts Chapter2001
Richard W. SilveriaMassachusetts Chapter2001
Bonnie L. Baker, FHFMA, CPARhode Island Chapter2001
Gail E. Robbins, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2001
Mark H. Marot, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter2001
Monica B. CunninghamMassachusetts Chapter2000
Kathleen A. ClayMassachusetts Chapter2000
Ann B. Chiodini, FHFMA, CPARhode Island Chapter2000
Paula Reardon Webster, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2000
John J. Schibler, CPAMassachusetts Chapter2000
Janice A. MayforthMassachusetts Chapter2000
Judy E. JohnsonMassachusetts Chapter2000
Michael F. FoleyMassachusetts Chapter2000
David G. Dillon, FHFMA, CPARhode Island Chapter1999
Robert L. BelleyMassachusetts Chapter1999
Joseph E. Ciccolo, Jr., CPAMassachusetts Chapter1999
Kathleen J. MaherMassachusetts Chapter1999
Marie E. McCarthy, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1999
Debra M. Paul, CPARhode Island Chapter1999
Linda L. Puchalski, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1999
Darlene M. Rodowicz, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1999
John E. SundeConnecticut Chapter1999
Angelo J. Tartaglione, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1999
Michael S. TurilliMassachusetts Chapter1999
David W. AckermanMassachusetts Chapter1998
Robert B. TremblayMassachusetts Chapter1998
John R. StewartMassachusetts Chapter1998
Michael D. PalmerMassachusetts Chapter1998
Nadeen G. LaFleurRhode Island Chapter1998
Frank H. JonesMassachusetts Chapter1998
Thomas J. GheringhelliMassachusetts Chapter1998
Erin C. DowlingMassachusetts Chapter1998
Domenic F. Delmonico, FHFMA,CPAHeart of America Chapter1998
Michael Cullen, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1998
Antonio Correia, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1998
Paul T. CarrollMassachusetts Chapter1998
Melissa Rose GergelMassachusetts Chapter1997
Paul A. Beaudoin, FHFMARhode Island Chapter1997
Christopher C. Boutin, FHFMA, CPA.CITPMassachusetts Chapter1997
Anne M. CollinsMassachusetts Chapter1997
Jay E. GonsalvesMassachusetts Chapter1997
Jeffrey P. GoodeMassachusetts Chapter1997
Richard E. Jeffcote, FHFMAFlorida Chapter1997
Robert G. NessMassachusetts Chapter1997
Helynne B. WinterMassachusetts Chapter1997
Joseph T. Jordan, CCCEMassachusetts Chapter1996
John D. Reardon, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1996
Steven G. ConnollyMassachusetts Chapter1996
Lester A. ForgitMassachusetts Chapter1995
George W. FittonMassachusetts Chapter1995
Paul J. DonnellanMassachusetts Chapter1995
Paul E. Dona, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1995
Bryan A. CostantinoMassachusetts Chapter1995
John S. CoffeyMassachusetts Chapter1995
Marvin M. Berkowitz, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1995
Linda A. Bodenmann, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1995
Stephen H. Chamberlin, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1995
Mark E. Toso, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1995
Richard M. WichmannMassachusetts Chapter1995
Laurie M. Nelle, FHFMA, MBARhode Island Chapter1995
Robert W. PachecoRhode Island Chapter1995
Joseph J. PorcelloMassachusetts Chapter1995
Daniel R. TenagliaMassachusetts Chapter1995
John C. Shaver, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1995
Kathryn M. MancusoMassachusetts Chapter1995
Mark J. RichMassachusetts Chapter1995
Robert F. MahoneyConnecticut Chapter1995
Jolan C. LaibsonMassachusetts Chapter1995
Daniel J. PhillipsMassachusetts Chapter1994
Christopher M. Attaya, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1994
Denis S. Conroy, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1994
Allen S. Danis, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1994
Nancy A. Hoffmann, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1994
Richard J. KilligrewMassachusetts Chapter1994
Douglas J. McGregor, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1994
Thomas C. Pearson, FHFMA, CPARhode Island Chapter1994
Richard J. RizzaMassachusetts Chapter1994
Catherine J. RobbinsMassachusetts Chapter1994
Thomas T. ViscarielloMassachusetts Chapter1993
David R. FagerMassachusetts Chapter1993
Maryalice M. Kenney, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1993
Howard M. DuludeRhode Island Chapter1993
David A. Kirshner, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1993
Michael F. Ruff, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1992
Philip J. Devine, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1992
James C. PuiiaMaine Chapter1992
Gary A. RosenbergMassachusetts Chapter1992
Lynn WiatrowskiMassachusetts Chapter1992
Charles T. Yagar, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1991
Geoffrey J. CoffmanMassachusetts Chapter1991
Deborah C. Delaney, CPANew Hampshire-Vermont Chapter1991
Jeffrey M. Lieberman, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1991
Gail L. Schlesinger, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1991
Robert M. Valletta, FHFMA, CPANortheastern New York Chapter1991
Arnold L. WeinerMassachusetts Chapter1990
Michael F. DeSocioNew Hampshire-Vermont Chapter1990
James A. GriswoldMassachusetts Chapter1990
Peter R. LeoneMassachusetts Chapter1990
Lawrence McManus, FHFMA,CPAMassachusetts Chapter1990
James A. Nania, CPAWestern Pennsylvania Chapter1990
Gary A. Penniman, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1990
Michael J. RyanRhode Island Chapter1990
Edward F. Kennedy, Jr.Massachusetts Chapter1989
Frank M. Bahl, FHFMA, CPA, MBAMassachusetts Chapter1989
Robert Carriere, CPA ABV CVAMassachusetts Chapter1989
Gerald F. O’Neill, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1989
Timothy J. Walsh, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1988
James L. Heffernan, FHFMANortheast Ohio Chapter1988
James T. KirkpatrickMassachusetts Chapter1988
Asher E. Kramer, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1988
James K. Winning, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1988
Michael E. Conklin, Jr., CPAMassachusetts Chapter1987
Robert J. Ellertsen, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1987
Jack SemiaoMassachusetts Chapter1987
Mark J. BlassMassachusetts Chapter1987
Elliot L. SchwartzMassachusetts Chapter1986
Jeffrey L. Heidt, EsqMassachusetts Chapter1986
Thomas A. ZubrickiMassachusetts Chapter1985
William A. Felske, IIIRhode Island Chapter1985
Mark A. GronbergMassachusetts Chapter1985
Ronald P. LaFleurMassachusetts Chapter1985
Thomas L. SloweyMassachusetts Chapter1985
Paul D. Finnegan, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1984
Brian F. DealyMassachusetts Chapter1984
James G. Sullivan, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1984
Lawrence E. SeckMassachusetts Chapter1983
Joseph V. Elia, FHFMANew Hampshire-Vermont Chapter1983
Carolyn Jacoby Gabbay, Esq.Massachusetts Chapter1983
Thomas LenkowskiNew Hampshire-Vermont Chapter1983
John J. ZubaRhode Island Chapter1983
Peter C. GeorgeopoulosRhode Island Chapter1982
Anthony E. Slabacheski, Sr.Massachusetts Chapter1982
Stephen J. GuimondMassachusetts Chapter1982
Douglas D. MuehlbergWisconsin Chapter1981
Durval S. RodriguesMassachusetts Chapter1981
David L. HansonMassachusetts Chapter1978
Harold E. Steeves, FHFMAMassachusetts Chapter1976
Allen A. Krause, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1973
Ursula M. Goerigk, CLMMassachusetts Chapter1973
Raymond J. Cisneros, FHFMA, CPAMetropolitan Philadelphia Chapter1972
Eugene J. McCueMassachusetts Chapter1972
Joseph A. GagnonMassachusetts Chapter1970
Anthony P. ReisMassachusetts Chapter1970
Paul A. Vielkind, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1969
Joseph P. McCue, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1968
Joseph D. Clancy, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts Chapter1964
William J. GrahamMassachusetts Chapter1964

This award is presented by the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter to a chapter member which has excelled in his or her work for the chapter and/or has made outstanding contributions to the field of hospital financial management. The award was first presented in 1981 in recognition of Frances M. Hernan, our chapter’s first president.


Deb Schoenthaler2024
Beth O’Toole2023
Timothy Hogan, FHFMA2023
Deborah Wilson2021
Ann Thornburg2020
Roberta S. Zysman2019
John D. Reardon, FHFMA2018
Jeanne M. Schuster2017
Gerard A. Vitti2016
Marvin M. Berkowitz, FHFMA2015
Daniel J. Phillips2014
Kathleen J. Maher2013
James L. Heffernan, FHFMA2012
Peter K. Markell, CPA2011
James G. Sullivan, CPA2010
David Szabo2009
Lawrence E. Martin, FHFMA2008
Gail Schlesinger, CPA2005
Lynn Wiatrowski2004
Gerald F. O’Neill, FHFMA2002
Lawrence McManus, FHFMA, CPA2001
Dorothy Puhy2000
Robert J. Ellertsen, FHFMA1999
Carolyn Jacoby Gabbay1998
Paul A. Vielkind, CPA1997
Lawrence E. Seck1996
Charles W. Chicknavorian, FHFMA, CPA1995
Charles Jacobs1994
Anthony E. Slabacheski1993
Ursula M. Goerigk1992
Joseph D. Clancy, FHFMA1990
Lois Kinser1989
Edward M. Medeiros, FHFMA1988
Joseph A. Gagnon, CHFP, FHFMA1987
Raymond J. Cisneros, FHFMA1986
Stephen J. Hegarty1985
Mary S. Corbett1984
William J. Graham1983
Allen A. Krause, CPA1982
Joseph P. McCue, FHFMA1981

Each year the National Board of Directors presents the Frederick C. Morgan Award to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of hospital financial management. Nominations are accepted from individuals, HFMA chapters, and state or other hospital associations. The individual nominated need not be an HFMA member. Anyone in the hospital financial management field is eligible.

The Massachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter members who have received the Frederick C. Morgan Award are:

James Heffernan, FHFMA2023
Joseph P. McCue. FHFMA1981
Raymond J. Cisneros, FHFMA1977
Joseph D. Clancy, FHFMA1972
Lawrence E. Martin, FHFMA1966

National HFMA may, from time to time, confer the status of Life Member upon members who have served as national HFMA officers, directors, or members of national HFMA for an outstanding contribution to the field. The Massachusetts Chapter has been honored by having this recognition conferred on six of its members:

The Massachusetts Chapter has been honored by having this recognition conferred on six of its members:

Gerald W. Fuller, FHFMA1982
Joseph P. McCue, FHFMA1978
Raymond J. Cisneros, FHFM1977
Lawrence E. Martin, FHFMA1974
Joseph D. Clancy, FHFMA1969
Mary S. Corbett1960

Chapter Life Membership may be conferred on a member to recognize outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the chapter. The National Board of Directors reviews chapter recommendations. The Chapter has been honored by having this recognition conferred on:

The Chapter has been honored by having this recognition conferred on:

Robert J. Ellertsen, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
Gerald F. O’Neill, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
Thomas A. ZubrickiMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
Kathleen J. MaherMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
Thomas C. Pearson, FHFMA, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2017
Charles T. Yagar, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
David L. HansonMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
John D. Reardon, FHFMAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Judith A. Berlin, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Joseph T. Jordon, CCCEMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Joseph S. McManusMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Allen A. Krause, CPAMassachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter2013
Paul McNamara2003
Nicholas Arloro2003
Raymond Cisernos2003
Joseph Clancy2003
Mary Corbett2003
Joseph Elia2003
Gerald Fuller2003
Joseph Gagnon2003
Lawrence Martin2003
Eugene McCue2003
Joseph McCue2003
Harold Steeves2003
Robert A. Johnson, FHFMA1995
Charles J. Jacobs1994
Anthony P. Reis1994
Paul A. Vielkind1994
Durval S. Rodrigues1992
Howard M. Dulude1992
William J. Graham1989
Ursula M. Goerigk1988

This award is presented by the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter to a chapter member with unselfish character and integrity who has made a significant contribution to the Chapter as a result of substantial service over the course of a career.

The Board recognizes:

Anthony E. Slabacheski2003

The Healthcare Financial Management Association MA-RI Chapter (HFMA MA-RI) recognizes that the leaders in the healthcare field drive the work of today, but also what will be the work of tomorrow. Leaders at the national, regional and/or chapter level influence the trajectory of work in our field, impact the policies at a regional and national level, and create a more knowledgeable and effective workforce.  Through this award, the MA-RI Chapter honors career-long contributions to and exemplary leadership in the healthcare profession by persons who are making significant contributions to their profession and community through their time, actions, talents and dedication.

The Current Past President will solicit nominations from the Board and Past Presidents.  The Past Presidents will discuss and vote on the candidate, and will bring any approved candidates forward to the Board for final vote.  The intention is not to have a required annual awardee; the award should be given only when the Past Presidents feel that there is a noteworthy recipient.  The Past Presidents will make their recommendations based on the following criteria for each nominee:

  • Leadership in the institution or institutions where they have been employed
  • Leadership in the profession
  • Examples of work where the nominee had an impact on the education and understanding of healthcare matters to society

In addition, the committee also considers evidence that supports:

  • Leadership in areas of professional development within the healthcare field
  • Leadership in influencing change or new directions
  • Leadership in the creation of knowledge and collaborative scholarly work
  • provides numerous opportunities for professional development, information, networking, and advocacy
  • excelled in his or her work and/or has made outstanding contributions in the healthcare field

Guidelines and eligibility

  • Candidates must be or have been contributing members of the healthcare community, and must have made significant and demonstrable contributions to the field. 
  • Candidates may or may not be members of HFMA


The Chapter will recognize award recipients at the Annual Awards Dinner. The Chapter will also post highlights of their accomplishments on the award gallery of the HFMA MA-RI website, and post an interview with the recipient on the blog.

Past Winners

Marylou Sudders2023

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