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Revenue Cycle Conference

This Committee is focused on issues relating to all aspects of hospital and physician revenue cycle management. The Committee’s primary responsibility is organizing the annual Revenue Cycle Conference (RCC) which typically takes place at Gillette Stadium in mid-January of each year. The RCC attracts 450+ attendees including 50+ exhibitors to this one or two-day eagerly anticipated event. The Revenue Cycle Conference includes educational offerings geared towards different focus areas of revenue cycle and financial optimization. We also continue to attract prominent keynote speakers who help frame the healthcare financial landscape along with a celebrity guest speaker.

The Committee has members who contribute via Sub-Committees (educational programming, vendor/sponsor recruitment, marketing/social media, and day-of operations). The Committee convenes via conference call approximately every two weeks starting in the late summer months and continuing to the two-day event in January. Conference calls are scheduled for 60 minutes (but are often shorter). In addition to the bi-weekly conference calls, Committee members are also expected to research aspects of their particular Sub-Committee and contribute at the Conference. As a bonus, active committee members who also volunteer at the Conference, attend the event for free.

Board Liaison: Julie Hall
Chairs: Emily Anne Jacobstein, FHFMA and Tom Jabro

Healthcare Transformation

This Committee combines the interests and expertise of the former managed care, enterprise performance management and physician practice management committees. As the delivery of and payment for healthcare services continues to evolve, there are far more similarities than differences among the operational and financial concerns of managed care, performance management and physician practice management. Mergers, acquisitions, alternative payment methodologies, and state and federal health reform efforts continue to transform how care is delivered and requires payers and providers to continually innovate and adapt to new technologies and systems. The goals for this Committee include:

  • Identifying and presenting innovative and practical methodologies and tools to improve healthcare operational, clinical and financial performance to thrive in today’s changing industry.
  • Promoting adoption of the most effective use of technology and current industry thinking
  • Addressing trends concerning both operational and financial issues across the healthcare continuum including those trends affecting the delivery of ambulatory care, physician and hospital services, and alternative delivery models such as homecare and telemedicine
  • Reviewing new ideas and approaches to both financial management and care delivery in physician practices as well as hospitals and healthcare systems.
  • Providing timely, applicable, solutions-oriented information and tools related to developments in managed care and insurance,
  • Focusing on changes in state and federal healthcare reform, as well as challenges and opportunities resulting from new payment methodologies and delivery system transformation
  • Exploring and learning from successful examples of effective collaboration in the marketplace and new issues/products emerging in the managed care environment.

Board Liaison: Susan Graves
Chairs: Karen Granoff

Women’s Leadership Conference

New to Healthcare

Accounting and Regulatory Technical Update

This Committee is responsible for organizing a fall educational program focused on updating the membership on current year updates in the following areas: accounting standards and guidelines; reimbursement and compliance regulations; IRS and other tax matters for tax exempt health care organizations; and other industry hot topics. The Committee generally has video conference calls every two to three weeks between the first kickoff meeting and the fall program. Each conference call lasts about one hour. In addition to the fall educational program, the Committee also coordinates periodic webcasts covering regulatory topics of interest. The Committee will also prepare blog posts throughout the year focused on the educational program and other relevant topics for the chapter’s blog.

Board Liaison: Craig Nesta
Chairs: Sheila Harrington

Capital Finance

The purpose of the Capital Finance Committee is to engage with both traditional financing vehicles as well as with the developing forms of equity and debt financing sources available in the capital markets. The Committee will focus on the overall financing trends within the health care sector and engage with a broad spectrum of enterprises to develop educational programs that address changes in health care delivery that will require new forms of capital formation to support the needs of established enterprises as well as new companies representing alternative approaches and disruptive technologies.

Educational programs will include webinars, hosted roundtable discussions, and at least one half-day educational session. These programs will be designed for senior-level healthcare finance, strategic, and operating professionals, focusing on emerging trends and opportunities. The educational sessions will feature healthcare leaders; investment bankers, private equity, banking, venture capital, and other investing professionals; and policy makers. The programs will address the investment activities of major health systems, providers and other health care delivery participants including insurers and others and how these activities support institutional goals as well as new forms of healthcare delivery.

Board Liaison: Charles Zanazzi
Chairs: Robert Guadagno

Compliance Update

This Committee focuses on all aspects of corporate compliance & privacy activities required of healthcare organizations. The Committee is charged with exploring compliance program best practices and coordinating at least one regional, annual educational session offered to those in the healthcare compliance industry. Additional sessions may be held jointly with another professional association. The Committee meets approximately 10-12 times a year, either in-person or by telephone. During these meetings, the Committee discusses current events and hot topics and prepares for the educational session, all while benefitting from shared knowledge and learning from across the industry. The Committee is also responsible for organizing promotional content for the annual education session, including blog posts prior to and following the session, recruiting writers to prepare 2-3 additional blog posts for the chapter’s blog and general advancement activities aimed at enhancing and growing the chapter’s membership.

Board Liaisons: Dhara Satija and Donna Schneider
Chairs: Dhara Satija and Donna Schneider

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