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Committee and Forum Overviews & Master List 2023-24

The main focus of the Institute Committee is to plan, organize and implement the Annual Institute, which is designed to educate and enhance the professional knowledge of the membership. The objective is to target subject matter to the most pressing issues in the industry and work with the Membership Services and Networking Committee to maximize membership and vendor attendance. Coordination with the Education Committee and the Program Chair is also key.

The Communications Committee develops and publishes a timely, informative Chapter newsmagazine, the Garden State Focus, four times a year through the solicitation of articles from the membership, committees, and non-Chapter sources. This includes information regarding Chapter and National activities in order to keep the membership informed. In addition, the committee manages the Chapter website.

The focus of this committee is to create a constructive, open venue for honest discussions of relevant managed care issues, at a high level, thereby giving both providers and payers an opportunity to more fully understand the issues at hand, as well as each others’ perspective and ultimately collaborate in finding and implementing meaningful solutions.

The Patient Access Services Forum provides a venue for members of the Patient Access community of HFMA to discuss patient issues, share ideas and develop best practices as the first point of contact for the Revenue Cycle processes. This forum works closely with the Patient Financial Services, Managed Care and Regulatory & Reimbursement Forums to discuss issues of mutual concern to ensure positive revenue flow. In addition, it brings issues and topics to the NJ HFMA membership and Board for further discussion, anticipated support and action in order to assist in achieving an overall healthcare financial management team approach.

The Regulatory & Reimbursement Forum represents the hospital/healthcare financial community and addresses issues through timely, interactive discussion and with proposals of legislation and regulatory changes that impact providers. In addition, the Forum consults with legislators, insurance payers, and others in order to resolve reimbursement issues. R&R also supports the publication of Chapter legislative comments and other newsworthy reimbursement information through the Chapter’s publication, the Garden State Focus, and the National HFM magazine.

The Auditing Committee conducts an annual audit of the financial records of the Chapter and submits an audited report to the Board of Directors. The committee also ensures that the Chapter Treasurer files the necessary information to National for the completion of the 990 tax return.

The Education Committee strives to provide high quality, timely educational programs on topics of interest to the healthcare industry in NJ which are geared towards all levels of experience. In addition, the committee assists members in achieving their education objectives and meeting the education hour-per-member goals set by HFMA National. Partnering with other healthcare organizations to provide quality education programs is an additional focus for the committee. The committee coordinates activities and planning with the Board level Program Chair.

The Education Committee is also responsible for increasing members’ awareness of the HFMA certification process. In addition, the committee assists members in achieving their certification goals through certification seminars and providing study materials to interested participants.

The Membership Services and Networking Committee is responsible for the growth and retention of the membership of the New Jersey chapter of HFMA. The committee consistently evaluates membership needs and facilitates solutions to deliver exceptional value to our members. In addition, the committee provides various networking opportunities focused on teamwork, collaboration and knowledge sharing among our members.

The Patient Financial Services Forum promotes the Patient Financial Services profession and increases awareness of its contributions to the financial success of hospitals. The forum also encourages information sharing including meeting notices, agendas and minutes to provider-based Patient Financial Services Directors, or those with comparable responsibilities/titles, that are active NJ HFMA Chapter members. The forum functions as watchdog for managed care issues, including billing trends and contract compliance and provides an active forum to discuss broad Patient Account Management issues. Activities are coordinated with the NJ Chapter of AAHAM.

The Physician Practice Forum (PPF) will provide an opportunity for current event updates and member interaction. The PPF will act as sounding board for state-wide challenges associated with physician practices in all healthcare settings. The PPF will have monthly meetings that you can attend or participate in a conference call. All meetings will have an agenda and the status of action items from previous meetings. Subcommittees will be formed depending on the challenges that are being reviewed by the members.

The CARE Forum assists the NJ health care provider community in developing and implementing best practice models for their compliance, ethics and governance programs. The forum promotes awareness of compliance, ethics and governance through monthly meetings, informative education sessions, and expanding networking opportunities that allow for open discussions for all providers along the continuum of care on today’s issues in the ever changing healthcare environment.

The FACT Forum provides a venue for discussion of current issues impacting health care finance, accounting, capital and taxes. In addition, the forum plans and presents the June Chapter quarterly program with respect to current issues that impact health care finance, accounting, capital and taxes. FACT also serves as a Chapter resource should new accounting and/or regulatory issues arise that impact health care finance, accounting, capital and taxes.

The Nominating Committee nominates candidates from qualified members of the Chapter for the elective positions of Officers and Directors. In addition, the committee periodically nominates qualified Chapter members for National and regional positions.

The Policies & Procedures Committee periodically reviews policies and procedures currently in place for the NJ Chapter and makes recommendations to the Board for updates. As new situations arise, this committee ensures that the Chapter is in compliance with National and supports the Board to effect change.

The Revenue Integrity Committee is a forum for networking and information sharing regarding issues that are not discussed in detail at any other forums, for example, implementing charge reconciliation processes. This committee is dedicated to gaining an understanding of the multitude of governmental regulations and how to operationalize them to ensure accurate and compliant charge capture.

The Scholarship Committee seeks to encourage professional development and enhance the educational opportunities of Chapter members and their families by providing financial scholarships.

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