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President’s Message

I am honored and privileged to serve as President of the New Jersey Chapter of HFMA for 2024-2025. It is a responsibility that I couldn’t possibly deliver on without the great leadership that has come before me, along with the current leadership and board of directors who support our chapter’s goals and efforts as we serve our membership.

This year we will be focusing on continuing excellence. Our motto this year is SEMPRE AVANTI – keep moving forward. We have come so far and continue to move in the right direction. Our chapter is doing great things, and we will continue the progress by moving forward.

Our focus will be on Value, Engagement and Innovation.

Value – We are focusing on offering the most value to our members. We know you have a choice to be a member and we value each of you. In the coming months you will see innovative ways to demonstrate our value to you.

Innovation – We are busy developing new ways to engage our members from 101 sessions to more advanced sessions on relevant “hot” topics.  Our goal is to involve providers, who are the backbone of our membership. Providers have a bird’s eye vantage point for all relevant topics in the industry. 

Engagement – We will be focusing on engaging enterprise members more. We plan on teaming up with the Association to engage our enterprise members.  Look for collaborative workshops in your area hosted by enterprise organizations.

The NJ HFMA Chapter encourages you to get involved and have some fun! We are passionate about serving and giving back to our communities.  Check out the upcoming events. We look forward to any feedback and welcome anyone to reach out for additional information.  Let’s make it an awesome 2024-2025 year!

Kind Regards,

Maria Facciponti, FMFMA, EHRC

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