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HFMA is the nation’s leading personal membership organization for healthcare financial management professionals. HFMA brings perspective and clarity to the industry’s complex issues for the purpose of preparing our members to succeed. Through our programs, publications and partnerships we enhance the capabilities that strengthen not only individual careers, but also the organizations from which our members come.

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Certification Advantages

Becoming certified distinguishes you as a leader and high-level professional in the healthcare finance industry. It reflects a deep personal commitment and sense of accountability that inspires credibility and confidence in your professional knowledge. Through HFMA Certification Programs, you can show your dedication to high industry standards. 

Become Certified with HFMA Certification Programs to:

  • Validate your skills and knowledge
  • Enhance your credibility in the industry
  • Support your professional development
  • Demonstrate a high level of commitment to the field

NJ Chapter Certification Contact

Feel free to contact Amina Razanica for more information on how to become a Certified Member of HFMA:

Amina Razanica, MBA, CHFP
Phone: (609) 275-4029
Email: [email protected] 

The HFMA Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) program has been updated to provide the broad range of business and financial skills essential for succeeding in today’s high-value healthcare environment: 

  •          Business acumen
  •          Collaboration
  •          Financial strategy
  •          Understanding future trends

The new CHFP is geared toward financial professionals, clinical and nonclinical leaders, and payers—all those whose jobs require a deep understanding of the new financial realities of health care.  CHFP Program covers healthcare finance overview, risk mitigation, evolving payment models, healthcare accounting and cost analysis, strategic finance, and managing financial resources.

Ideal for individuals and organizations, the CRCR gives you the information you need to succeed in today’s revenue cycle environment in a convenient and informational format. With HFMA’s CRCR certification, you will be better prepared to increase receivables, reduce denials, and work more efficiently – all while earning your organization high patient satisfaction scores. 

  • HFMA’s all-new CRCR program includes updated information and convenient features:
  • Completely redesigned and available online 24/7 on tablets or desktops
  • Filled with new, essential information on best-practice approaches for the patient-centric revenue cycle
  • Short, searchable courses with robust resources, tools and knowledge checkpoints

Healthcare finance is rapidly changing. More than ever before, healthcare finance managers need to acquire and maintain comprehensive skill sets to provide the financial management demanded today. Developed to provide comprehensive technical education, Certified Specialist programs further enhance healthcare finance skills through expansion of the knowledge and skill sets required by specific functional areas. 

These programs are offered in the following areas and are $400 each for members and non-members:  


Healthcare organizational data has a wide range of uses. Useful business intelligence requires people with the capabilities to inspect, clean, transform, and model data with the goals of highlighting useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making. This course presents methods for looking at the right data and using tools to ensure that useful information is illuminated and used to enable powerful actions and decisions in healthcare organizations.


This course discusses the full range of topics and techniques that are central to the effective management of physician practices. The course provides an overview of the revenue cycle, with emphasis on the accounts receivable and collection phases. Managed care payment issues, bad debts and charity accounts and use of collection agencies are among the topics covered. Coding and payment systems, which establish the potential revenue of the physician practice, also are explained. Other topics include fee schedules and relative value systems as well as compliance and rules for teaching physicians. 


The critical role of accounting and finance requires technical competencies used in decision support for all areas of healthcare management. The course provides an overview of healthcare accounting and finance to strengthen these competencies and address financial reports and statements unique to healthcare. In addition, the program provides a practical overview of risk-sharing arrangements, managed care contracts and profitability ratios.

4. Certified Specialist Payment & Reimbursement (CSPR)

Demonstrate specialist-level knowledge in federal, state and managed care reimbursement workflows, rate structures, benefit coordination, value-based reimbursement, legislative updates and more.

As recognized industry leaders, HFMA Fellows act as ambassadors to the profession by raising the standard of practice through consistent participation in professional development activities and service to the healthcare finance industry. Fellows can maintain their FHFMA designation by teaching courses, making presentations, publishing, participating in special interest groups or attending educational events. It’s up to you!

Requirements for FHFMA® certification include:

  • Current CHFP designation  
  • Five years total as a regular or advanced HFMA member (student membership does not count toward this total) 
  • Bachelor degree or 120 semester hours from an accredited college or university 
  • Volunteer activity in healthcare finance within three years of applying for the FHFMA designation, including one of the following:
    • Earn the Follmer Bronze Award by earning 25 Founders points for HFMA volunteer activity
    • Volunteer in your HFMA chapter and earn two Founders points for two consecutive years
    • Volunteer service for two of the past three years in a healthcare industry organization

Maintenance Requirements: Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) or Fellow of HFMA (FHFMA)

HFMA members who have earned either CHFP or FHFMA designation must maintain their certification every three years by meeting two basic requirements:

  • Remain an active HFMA member in good standing
  • Complete 60 eligible education programs/activities every three years
  • Reporting Your Education Activities

Online Reporting Tool: it is your responsibility to self-report your education activities using the online reporting tool. The only activities that do not need to be self-reported are activities sponsored by HFMA National for which you have received CPE credit. Access to the online reporting tool is available only to current CHFP/FHFMA certified members; login required.

Maintenance Requirements: Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR) and Certified Specialist (CS)

HFMA CRCR and CS certificants must maintain their certification every two years. The recertification process is straightforward: to re-certify as a CRCR or CS, you must take a 50-question online exam. To help you prepare for the exam, you will have access to an updated elearning course. The cost of the CS and CRCR recertification exam is $100.

Note: Recertification program access is available only through your maintenance due date of May 31 each year. All assessment attempts including retakes, and any 30-day retake window(s), must be completed within the January through May window. Extensions past May 31 of any given year are NOT permitted. 

If you have any HFMA maintenance questions please call the HFMA Career Services Department at (800) 252-4362, ext. 311.


There are four ways to reach us:

  1. Online 
    Members can click here to fill out a form and submit a question.
  2. E-mail 
    Contact us by emailing to [email protected]
  3. Telephone
    Call the NJ HFMA Hot Line @ 908-963-2505
  4. Postal Mail
    Attention: Laura A Hess
    PO Box 6422
    Bridgewater, NJ 08807

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