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President’s Welcome

Dear Florida HFMA Chapter members:

Beyond humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve as the President of our chapter for the 2023-2024 year.

With these challenging times in healthcare, I believe we, as an industry, and probably many of you in your professional roles, are at a crossroads. For many of us, HFMA and our Florida Chapter are a major part of our fabric as much as the personal and professional parts of our lives.  We share a common passion and find a source of inspiration to rise to the challenges we face.  I want to extend my deepest appreciation to each and every one of you for your unwavering commitment to our industry.

How do we as healthcare finance leaders confirm our challenges, compile the possible solutions, and move forward to the best productive outcome?  HFMA provides a hub of education initiatives and a viable source of networking opportunities. Not only connecting provider to provider AND business partner to business partner BUTalso business partner to provider. Our chapter offers in-person and virtual networking events and educational programs to focus on and address the pressing issues and emerging trends in healthcare finance.  Most of our events also include a charitable cause where our chapter gives back to our local communities.  Check our events calendar for various events.

As we move forward, I want to assure you the Florida HMFA Board remains committed to serve you and ensure your membership experience is fulfilling and enriching.  We welcome your feedback, suggestions, and ideas for improvement.

With each new year, the HFMA Chair and incoming Chapter President produce a new theme for focusing on the upcoming year.  Dennis Dahlen, our new 2023-2024 HFMA Chair, theme is, “IT’S TIME.”  Mine is “Explore, embrace, and energize.”

I ask you Explore the various challenges by focusing on education, listening to industry leaders, and nurturing professional relationships by reaching out to your colleagues or business partners.  Explore possible solutions just as tenaciously. Explore our chapter website, register for our virtual and in-person events, get HFMA certified, connect with other chapter members, and most of all, get engaged with our Florida HMFA Chapter.  We need you to make this successful.   Embrace both the challenges and decisions to solve by leading with passion, relying on laid out initiatives, communicating transparently, and reviewing actions often.  Energize your team, each other, and yourself by rising to these challenges. Be creative and generate excitement by working together on a journey of tackling problems collectively. Share your stories so others can learn.

This year I promise to explore, embrace, and energize all our known and unknown challenges. I will do my best to consider every possible solution, not only for my board and volunteers, but for all our members. 


Warmest regards,
Natalie Billo
Florida HFMA Chapter President 2023-2024


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