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President’s Welcome

I am honored and privileged to serve as President of the Georgia Chapter of HFMA for 2023-2024.  The Georgia Chapter boasts over 9,000 members, 30+ business partner sponsors, and 4,600 providers. On average, we provide 60 hours of education each year.

Our theme for the upcoming 2023-2024 year is “Crazy…Rebellious…Genius.” This theme arose from Apple Inc’s iconic “Think Different” commercial. The intent of this year’s theme is to encourage the Georgia Chapter board, officers, and members to speak up, share ideas, and think differently and/or creatively about our key initiatives. We will not let complacency be the reason for failure. (I expect some failure this year; it means we are relentlessly acting on and trying things.)

I am blessed to lead a powerhouse team comprised of seasoned veterans plus new leaders who are eager to pitch in, learn and take the chapter to the next level. Our focus will be on providing Quality Education to the provider community in both urban and rural areas, finding new ways to engage with and support our business partners and providers, and continuing to add value for our members. We will retain current membership and add new individual and enterprise members. Finally, we will encourage members to leverage our certification program, ensuring we are up to date in understanding the most relevant healthcare industry topics.

This year we will increase connections amongst our members (providers and business partners) in the most meaningful way ever. We look forward to your engagement, feedback, and support as we roll out each connection in a crazy, rebellious, and genius way!


Adam Gobin

Georgia HFMA Podcast Series

Certified Patient Account Representative (CPAR)

Equips healthcare financial professionals with the knowledge necessary to be a high achieving member of a healthcare organization’s revenue cycle division.


We would like to thank all of our Corporate Sponsors for making a financial commitment to our Chapter and we ask that all members make a special effort to thank them for their continued support and include them in the RFP process when applicable.

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– Adam Gobin, Chapter President 2023-2024