Georgia Volunteer Opportunities

The Georgia Chapter is always seeking volunteers to help continue our path to success. As a volunteer with the Georgia HFMA, you will find that your efforts reward you in many different ways both professionally and personally. Our goal is to always provide top level educational content to our membership during our two institutes and multiple webinars, forums and networking events hosted throughout the year. There are many benefits to volunteering for Georgia HFMA and identifying the right role that suits your time constraints is an easy task. You’ll be glad that you got involved and assisted in making a positive impact to yourself and our members.

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Strengthen your existing network and relationships
  • Professional growth and development
  • Meet new people, expand your network
  • Boosting social skills
  • Finding out you are good at things you never knew about
  • Demonstrating your ability and skills
  • Making a positive impact to our membership
  • Earning Founder’s Points to gain Advanced Membership status in HFMA

We have multiple roles that can easily be accomplished remotely and in-person. Don’t let travel budgets get in the way of your ability to volunteer. Let’s find your fit today and get you involved to satisfy your needs as a healthcare professional. Review the Committee List below and contact us ([email protected]) so we can discuss the area(s) that interest you the most.

Thank you for your consideration to be a volunteer with Georgia HFMA.

Warmest regards,
Adam Gobin
2023-2024 Georgia HFMA Chapter President 


These are the committees defined within Georgia Healthcare Financial Management Association. Click the committee name to see a list of committee members. 

  • Laurence Harris
  • Amy Pisciotta
  • Matthew Fisher
  • Doug Kennedy
  • Sarah Krug
  • Gina Smith
  • Denise Tobin
  • Brett Rose
  • Angela A Musey
  • Robert Shepard
  • Laura Holland
  • Agate Monica
  • LeAnn Klinger
  • Patty Holden
  • Matthew Atkins
  • Sophie Lee
  • Ava Bowden
  • William Eikost
  • Anne Campbell
  • Lillian Kloock
  • Laurie Leonard
  • Buddy Smith
  • Sepideh Browning
  • Laurie Heavey
  • Dorothy D Steed
  • Jacqueline Massey
  • William Gosnell
  • Richard Cheek
  • Karlene Dittrich
  • Shawn J McBride
  • Robert Mundy
  • Paul Murphy
  • Brandy Seats
  • Diana Sessions
  • Elizabeth Ward
  • Dave Young
  • Elizabeth Richards
  • William Eikost
  • John Lloyd CRCR, CHFP
  • Starla Smith
  • Heather Wolf
  • Angie Connatser
  • Jamie H Lloyd
  • Brian Patterson
  • Monica Agate
  • Nancy Baker
  • Clarice Cable
  • Franklin Harris
  • Ally Pridgen
  • Brian Patterson
  • Laurence Harris
  • Greg Fortgang
  • Jessica Carter
  • Shawn J McBride
  • Ally Pridgen

Connect with us!

– Adam Gobin, Chapter President 2023-2024