Georgia Volunteer Opportunities

The Georgia Chapter is always seeking volunteers to help continue our path to success. As a volunteer with the Georgia HFMA, you will find that your efforts reward you in many different ways both professionally and personally. Our goal is to always provide top level educational content to our membership during our two institutes and multiple webinars, forums and networking events hosted throughout the year. There are many benefits to volunteering for Georgia HFMA and identifying the right role that suits your time constraints is an easy task. You’ll be glad that you got involved and assisted in making a positive impact to yourself and our members.

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Strengthen your existing network and relationships
  • Professional growth and development
  • Meet new people, expand your network
  • Boosting social skills
  • Finding out you are good at things you never knew about
  • Demonstrating your ability and skills
  • Making a positive impact to our membership
  • Earning Founder’s Points to gain Advanced Membership status in HFMA

We have multiple roles that can easily be accomplished remotely and in-person. Don’t let travel budgets get in the way of your ability to volunteer. Let’s find your fit today and get you involved to satisfy your needs as a healthcare professional. Review the Committee List below and contact us ([email protected]) so we can discuss the area(s) that interest you the most.

Thank you for your consideration to be a volunteer with Georgia HFMA.

Warmest regards,
Adam Gobin
2023-2024 Georgia HFMA Chapter President 


These are the committees defined within Georgia Healthcare Financial Management Association. Click the committee name to see a list of committee members. 

Educational Content

  • Plan/administer multi-day Institutes twice a year, one day summit events monthly or quarterly and networking events monthly or quarterly
  • Determine theme of event and various educational tracks to be presented
  • Assign committee members specific tasks to spread the work
  • Contact and engage speakers
  • Review speaker session content ahead to ensure appropriate
  • Make sure any speakers who must be paid are paid and/or hotel rooms and mileage are covered keeping within Chapter budgetary constraints
  • Organize schedule of sessions
  • Communicate with Marketing Committee to provide timely promotion of all events to membership
  • Ensure sessions qualify for CEUs and make CEUs available to membership
  • Keep up with attendance at events
  • Make all presentations available to membership after event concludes

Educational Logistics

  • Plan/administer all food and entertainment at Institutes and Summits
  • Assign committee members specific tasks to spread the work
  • Plan menus where food is served keeping within budget and communicate with venue/caterer – have a committee member available when food is delivered/served to see that all is correct and as ordered
  • Ensure that any special dietary needs of members are met
  • Communicate with providers of entertainment to determine what is needed for set up, and communicate with venue to make sure entertainers have all A/V requirements and all needs are met for performance
  • Make sure all rooms are set up properly where sessions will be conducted, entertainment will be provided, food will be served, vendors will display and registration will be done
  • Communicate with speakers to determine A/V requirements
  • Communicate with venue to ensure all speakers’ A/V requirements are met
  • Have committee members available at each session to ensure all runs according to plan


  • Set up Cvent for member registration for each event
  • Notify Officers and Board when Cvent is set up and ready for use
  • Administer pre-registration and onsite registration for all events
  • Schedule committee members to ensure registration area is covered as planned

Revenue Cycle Forums

  • Plan/administer workshops throughout the state duplicating programs in Northern and Southern regions of the state
  • Assign specific tasks to committee members
  • Determine theme of each Forum
  • Engage speakers and review content ahead a time to ensure appropriate
  • Select and schedule venue
  • Order food for any full day events and have a committee member available to ensure food delivery and service are according to plan
  • Communicate with speakers to determine A/V needs and communicate with venue to ensure all speakers’ A/V needs are met
  • Coordinate with Cvent for registration set up
  • Provide Forums info to Marketing Committee in timely manner for promotion to membership
  • Assign a committee member to man registration desk at event
  • Ensure all sessions meet CEU requirements and make CEUs available to membership


  • Plan/administer webinars/podcasts providing wide range of relevant topics including regional webinar/podcast as required by Association
  • Engage and schedule speakers
  • Review presentations ahead of time to ensure appropriate
  • Coordinate with Cvent for registration set up
  • Assign committee member to schedule practice run with speaker(s) and run live webinar/podcast
  • Provide Webinar/Podcast info to Marketing Committee in timely manner for promotion to membership
  • Ensure all webinars/podcasts meet CEU requirements and make CEUs available to membership

Chapter Sponsorships

  • Contact all business partners who are members of GA HFMA, and offer the opportunity to be a chapter sponsor.
    • Provide information on all sponsorship levels
    • Ensure that sponsorship information on the website is correct and up-to-date
    • Follow up with all business partners who express an interest in being a chapter sponsor
    • Follow up with all business partners who have been chapter sponsors the previous year to confirm they want to continue their sponsorship or increase their level
    • Make sure that all business partners who commit to sponsoring the chapter pay for their sponsorships timely, and send reminders if not paid.

A La Carte Sponsorships

  • Contact all chapter sponsors and other business partners with information on available ala carte sponsorship opportunities for institutes, one-day events, networking activities and other opportunities
    • Provide information on numerous upcoming events/sponsorship opportunities in one email to keep email traffic at a minimum
    • Respond back to all who express interest in a sponsorship
    • Follow up with those who commit to a sponsorship to ensure payment is obtained timely


  • Provide the next administration with all information on past sponsors and any who still owe money

Advanced CPAR / CPAR and other certifications such as CRCR, CHFP and FHFMA

  • Plan/administer educational offerings for membership to study for certifications
  • Keep content updated with any changes in relevant healthcare rules, processes etc
  • Assign committee member or team to be responsible for ensuring all content is accurate and up-to-date
  • Maintain database and all electronic information for membership
  • Schedule and coordinate leader for any coaching or study sessions made available to membership
  • Communicate when registration will be open, coaching sessions scheduled and testing deadlines to Marketing Committee for timely distribution to membership including how members can get answers to any questions
  • Assign a committee member to be available for questions from membership regarding study materials and testing
  • Maintain scores of all individuals who completed testing and those who passed

National HFMA Certification

  • Plan/facilitate HFMA’s certification coaching and recognition events for certified members

Certification Awards Banquet

  • Select and coordinate venue for Awards Banquet
  • Select menu and award certificates keeping within Chapter budgetary constraints
  • Communicate with venue to ensure adequate seating for all banquet attendees
  • Assign a committee member to distribute information about banquet and compile list of attendees
  • Ensure there is a certificate for all individuals who passed certification tests
  • Assign a committee member to be responsible for getting certificates to individuals who do not attend banquet
  • Assign a committee member to man registration desk at banquet
  • Identify top scorers for extra recognition at banquet
  • Assign a committee member to run the banquet program and present certificates


  • Plan/administer membership recruitment and retention programs
  • Contact members who do not renew membership to prompt renewal or learn why the member will not be renewing and provide feedback to Officers and Board
  • Keep membership benefits updated on website
  • Keep electronic membership directory updated

Mentoring Program

  • Create and implement a mentoring program for members interested in becoming more involved in the Chapter, including mentoring new members and current and future leaders of the Chapter
  • Ensure that Mentoring Program members are available to assist new or established members with growing within the organization and where to become involved to meet career/personal needs
  • Provide mentoring table at Institutes and other live events including Chapter information and a Mentoring Program member available for questions

Enterprise Members

  • Coordinate with Enterprise Member liaisons to deliver targeted education and value to members associated with HFMA through the Enterprise Membership program
  • Communicate with Enterprise member provider or business partner organizations for feedback and ways to improve the program to ensure maximum value


  1. Distribute monthly newsletters for the Georgia chapter via Cvent
  2. Market and promote Georgia chapter events and activities via Cvent
  3. Maintain Georgia chapter contact lists on Cvent, with quarterly updates via Association resources (in conjunction with Membership Chair) and ad hoc requested opt-outs/ins.

Email Management

  1. Manage and monitor Georgia Chapter emails
  2. Disseminate emails to the appropriate committees for proper follow up
  3. Respond to inquiries within 72 hours

CVENT/App Management – Partner with Program & Education Chair

  1. Submit save-the-date and event set up request to OneHFMA
  2. Manually upload save-the-date and event set up request as needed

Social Media Management

  1. Create promotional graphics in partnership with Program & Education Chair or leverage OneHFMA marketing resource in partnership with Cvent/App Lead.
  2. Promotion of all Georgia chapter of HFMA news and activities via all available communication outlets (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook & Google via Buffer)

Chapter Photography

  • Capture photos at Chapter activities and regularly post
  • Accept photos from members and select appropriate photos to post

Solicit involvement from other healthcare organizations such as AAHAM, GAMA, HIMSS, FACHE, MGMA and GHA to collaborate on networking or educational events

  • Plan, organize, schedule and administer networking or educational events in collaboration with other healthcare organizations
  • Provide event information to Marketing Committee for timely distribution to membership
  • Assist in registration for event
  • Assist in coordination with selected venue for implementation of event
  • Ensure CEUs are available to Chapter membership where appropriate

Maintain a directory of officers, board members and all committees/committee members including:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Employer
  • Provider or Business Partner


  • Contact all individuals who express an interest in volunteering
  • Maintain a spreadsheet with dates volunteers were contacted
  • Provide them with an up-to-date list of committees and what those committees do (keep the list updated)
  • Follow up to make sure they select a committee
  • Connect the volunteer with the chair of the selected committee
  • Follow up to make sure the volunteer communicates with the chair
  • Follow up to make sure the volunteer is engaged and happy with the committee
  • Add volunteer to the directory
  • Contact Volunteers to ensure they are engaged and happy with their assigned committee.


  • Create a Call for Volunteers email to be sent to all GA HFMA members in the Spring
  • Help develop a survey for volunteer satisfaction

Large Events

  • Contact all volunteers, when appropriate, to assist with large events
  • Connect volunteers with appropriate board member to assist with large event

Volunteer Party

  • Organize an end-of-year Thank You to Volunteers Party
  • Keep up with Volunteer RSVPs to party


  • Brainstorm for innovative ways for members to network, receive education and get maximum value from Chapter membership
  • Coordinate with appropriate committee to implement events/education
  • Ensure events/education are publicized through Marketing Committee

Technology and Website

Connect with us!

– Adam Gobin, Chapter President 2023-2024